• The Chamberlain Experience – Chamberlain Student Life

    Learn about the unique and exciting opportunities Chamberlain College of Nursing provides to its nursing students! Chamberlain's nursing degree programs are enhanced by diverse, experiential learning opportunities that expand the student's education through a full spectrum of social, cause-related and field experiences. At Chamberlain, we are personally invested in the future success of our students and their nursing careers.

  • Chamberlain SIMCARE CENTER™

    Prior to providing direct patient care, Chamberlain nursing students have access to SIMCARE CENTER learning environments where they can hone their knowledge and skills and increase their confidence. In this simulated clinical patient care environment, students will be challenged to react in real-time to a wide array of medical scenarios. Chamberlain College of Nursing uses this technology to enhance student learning and to provide a significant advantage.

  • Global Health Education Program

    As part of Chamberlain’s experiential learning model, the Global Health Education Program (formerly known as the International Nursing Service Project) provides students with opportunities to enrich their education through a full spectrum of social, cause-related and field experiences. These trips are also a shining example of Chamberlain Cares, our deep-rooted, 125-year-old tradition of fostering a strong sense of compassion and community service in our students, faculty and staff. Through these programs, nursing students have provided health assessments, disease prevention, prenatal assessments and initial evaluations of patients in communities in Kenya, Bolivia and Brazil that in many cases have never had access to healthcare.

  • History of Chamberlain College of Nursing

    For more than 125 years, Chamberlain College of Nursing has had a solid educational foundation of preparing compassionate, knowledgeable and clinically proficient nursing graduates. First established in 1889, the school evolved from a diploma school of nursing to a college of nursing, today offering associate, bachelor and master degree programs*. Watch this video to learn about Chamberlain’s historical roots.
    *Program availability varies by location.

  • Student and Faculty Testimonials

    See how Chamberlain has made a difference in the lives of our graduates, and learn what they enjoy most about the college and its community.

  • Experience the Chamberlain Advantage

    Chamberlain College of Nursing helps prepare students for successful nursing careers. Chamberlain’s faculty and staff are committed to helping students begin and advance their education in nursing.   See why people with a passion for nursing choose Chamberlain.

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