Master of Science in Nursing Educator Specialty Track

Chamberlain College of Nursing’s MSN Educator Specialty Track prepares you to teach in academic and clinical-practice settings, as well as continue on for further graduate study. Coursework includes educational foundations, instructional methods, program assessment and evaluation and curriculum development. Students complete a 100-hour practicum in their own geographic location, allowing them to further develop their skills with the support of an experienced nurse educator.

National certification exams are available to graduates in select specialties. For more information about national certification in nursing education, visit

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Educator Specialty Track Curriculum

NR-523 Assessment & Evaluation Techniques in Education – 3 Credits

This course examines the logic and theory of educational measurement. Assessment and evaluation concepts, in addition to models and frameworks, are compared and analyzed for applicability in the evaluation, assessment and quality assurance processes of curriculum implementation. Practical application of measurement theory to the construction and use of educational assessment and evaluation instruments is provided. 

NR-524 Curriculum Development – 3 Credits

This course focuses on the processes of curriculum development. Students examine traditional and innovative program development applied to various educational environments. Curriculum and instruction are analyzed within a theoretical framework.  

NR-525: Theoretical Foundations and Instructional Strategies in Teaching and Learning – 3 Credits

This course explores teaching and learning models and strategies within the theoretical foundations of education. Exploration of the application of teaching and learning theory and a variety of instructional strategies to various learning settings and diverse population groups will be explored. Available November 2014.

NR-526: Advanced Pathophysiology, Health Assessment, and Pharmacology for Nurse Educators – 3 Credits

This course builds upon undergraduate nursing education and practice experience to refine and further develop nursing knowledge and skills related to pathophysiology, health assessment, and pharmacology across the life span. The focus is on advanced knowledge and skills needed by nurse educators in both direct- and indirect-care roles. Available January 2015.

NR-620 Education Practicum – 3 Credits  (Theory 0.5, Practicum 2.5)

This course emphasizes the application of teaching and learning theories and concepts in the educator role. The student demonstrates the competencies essential to the educator. The role is implemented, applied and analyzed in an academic or clinical practice setting, in collaboration with a nurse educator mentor. Evidence-based teaching strategies are developed and implemented in the selected educational environment. 

NR-660 Capstone – 3 Credits

This capstone course provides an intensive experience in critical analysis, designed to broaden students’ perspectives and provide an opportunity for the integration of knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. Students must complete a scholarly project, which synthesizes advanced knowledge and skills, to address an area of relevance to professional nursing in nursing informatics, leadership or education.

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Nursing Education Career Opportunities

The MSN Educator specialty track prepares you for roles* including:

  • Community Health Leader
  • Coordinator of Education (Clinical Facility)
  • Educational Consultant
  • Educational Entrepreneur
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Specialist (Drug, Research or Medical Equipment Company)
  • Nurse Educator/College Professor
  • Patient Educator (Various Venues)
  • Staff Development Leader

  • *Some careers may require several years of experience in addition to educational credentials.