Master of Science in Nursing Informatics Specialty Track

Chamberlain College of Nursing’s online Informatics Specialty Track prepares you for a variety of roles that leverage technology to aid patient care.

The Informatics curriculum teaches you to interpret, analyze and use electronic health record technology, as well as empowers you to be more efficient and effective in healthcare practices. Coursework includes the practice of nursing informatics, management of data and information, healthcare information workflow and project management.

Students also complete a 200-hour informatics practicum with the support of an experienced informatics nurse, allowing them to strengthen and apply the knowledge and skills acquired from coursework.  

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Informatics Curriculum

NR-541 Practice of Nursing Informatics – 3 Credits

This course introduces the student to the role, functions, scope and standards of practice of the informatics nurse. Students explore, analyze, apply and evaluate diverse aspects of nursing informatics practice as a specialization. Topics include the use and implementation of technology for virtual care delivery and monitoring and complementary roles of the master’s-prepared informatics nurse specialist and other information technology professionals. 

NR-542 Managing Data & Information – 3 Credits

The use of information technology to create, analyze and exploit data sets to monitor and evaluate patient care is examined in this course. Data- and information-management principles and practices, including the structure and use of information retrieval systems for evaluating and applying data and information to patient care, are explored. The data-information-knowledge-wisdom model is incorporated in the development of databases and other techniques for managing data and information. 

NR-543 Information Workflow in Healthcare – 3 Credits

Concepts, principles and practices of the information system life cycle are applied to improve information workflows, with an emphasis on healthcare-related settings. Information systems in healthcare are explored, including point-of-care, decision support and information management systems that incorporate standardized terminologies to document and analyze nursing care outcomes.  

NR-640 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I – 3 Credits  (Theory 0.5, Practicum 2.5)

This course emphasizes the application of the concepts, principles and practices of formal informatics project management. The role of the informatics nurse is implemented, applied and analyzed in a healthcare-related organizational setting in collaboration with a mentor. 

NR-641 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum II – 3 Credits

This course emphasizes the application of nursing informatics models, theories and concepts in the role of the informatics nurse specialist. Students demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competencies of an informatics nurse specialist. The role is applied and analyzed in a healthcare-related setting in collaboration with a mentor. An informatics project planned in NR-640: Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum is implemented and evaluated in a selected healthcare-related setting. 

NR-660 Capstone – 3 Credits

This capstone course provides an intensive experience in critical analysis, designed to broaden students’ perspectives and provide an opportunity for the integration of knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. Students must complete a scholarly project, which synthesizes advanced knowledge and skills, to address an area of relevance to professional nursing in nursing informatics, leadership or education. 


National certification exams are available to graduates in select specialties. For more information about national certification in nursing informatics, visit

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Dee McGonigle“Informatics nurses are bilingual—they can talk IT and can talk nursing.”

Q&A with Dee McGonigle, PhD, RN, FAAN, CNE, Chamberlain MSN professor

Nursing Informatics Career Opportunities

The Informatics Specialty track prepares you for roles* including:

  • Application/Systems Analyst
  • Clinical Informatics Analyst
  • Clinical Informatics Project Coordinator/Manager
  • Clinical/Systems Team Manager
  • Director of Nursing Informatics/Information Systems
  • Global Health Positions (e.g. World Health Organization)
  • Health Outcomes Analytics Manager
  • Informatics Technology Clinical Nurse
  • Nursing Informatics Specialist

    *Some careers may require several years of experience in addition to educational credentials.