Associate Degree in Nursing Program Curriculum

Liberal arts and science courses provide the foundation for Chamberlain’s ADN curriculum, while nursing courses prepare students for professional practice in a variety of settings. Graduates of Chamberlain’s ADN program are eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-RN®.

The Clinical Experience

Hands-on experience in both the Chamberlain SIMCARE CENTER™ and the on-site clinical setting allow nursing students to work side-by-side with faculty, mentors, peers, and experienced professional nurses to refine their nursing skills. Learn more about Chamberlain’s clinical experiences.

ADN Curriculum

The first year of the ADN program is designed for students with no prior nursing education and includes fundamentals in nursing, beginning patient care experiences and liberal arts and sciences courses. The second year includes additional liberal arts and sciences courses and courses pertaining to nursing care with specialized populations.

A minimum of 72 credit hours is required for graduation, made up of 31 liberal arts course credits and 41 nursing course credits. Course areas include English and communications, mathematics and science, social sciences, humanities and clinical and non-clinical nursing. View the course descriptions in the academic catalog (PDF).

Download the 2-year ADN curriculum plan.

Are you a registered nurse?

Students are challenged to react to medical scenarios, from childbirth to cardiac arrest, in Chamberlain’s SIMCARE CENTER™.

Program at a Glance

Start Dates: 3 per year

Program length: 2 years