From Chicago to Phoenix: One Student’s Experience Transferring between Chamberlain Campuses

With 20 locations across the country, many of our students 3-Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students become curious about how other campuses are. Some students even considering moving and transferring to a different Chamberlain campus location, like current 3-Year BSN Monique Williams.

Williams recently transferred from Chamberlain’s Chicago campus to the Phoenix campus. With her first semester underway, she shared her experience with transferring campuses. Read on:

1. Why did you decide to transfer campuses when you moved?

I ended up transferring campuses because I always wanted to live someplace warm. After a few months of research I finally decided to take a leap of faith and move to Phoenix, Arizona. I didn’t know many nursing schools in Arizona but I knew that Chamberlain in Chicago provided some of the best learning environments for future nurses, like the simulation and open labs, so I decided that I wanted to stay with Chamberlain.

2. What was the process like to transfer to a different Chamberlain campus?

I contacted my advisor a semester before I wanted to transfer to see what steps I needed to take. All I had to do was pay off any balance I had accumulated and submit a transfer request to the campus I wanted to transfer to. At first it seemed like my graduation date would be postponed but the class I needed (Adult Health I) was being offered, thankfully. Overall, the process for transferring campuses was pretty smooth.

3. What has been the most difficult aspect and easiest aspect of your transition?

The most difficult part about transferring was getting acclimated to the new campus, teachers and students. The biggest difference for me was the pocket guide book that is required to be carried around by the students at the Phoenix campus - it’s a clinical skills guide checklist. We didn’t use that at the Chicago campus, but the assignments and SIM labs are pretty much the same, which is the good part.

4. What are you looking forward to most at your new campus?

Clinical! I’m really looking forward to clinical and actually being able to act and think as a nurse. I think Chamberlain is a great school for future nurses.

You can follow Williams’ journey to becoming an extraordinary nurse, including her transfer experience, on her Instagram (@nursemo__).

Do you have any questions about transferring campuses you would like answered? Leave them in the comments below!

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