Top 5 Nursing News Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Think you know everything there is to know about nursing degrees? Read on to see in this week’s edition of nursing news.

10 Nursing Education Facts You Might Not Know 

Want the inside scoop on nursing degrees? Many U.S. hospitals are considering hiring only BSN-prepared nurses. “While this decision may insult experienced non-BSN nurses, I believe this trend is the future in nursing,” writes nurse Jessica Ellis. “Start preparing now for these requirements.” Read the rest of the top 10 list at Scrubs Magazine. 

Stereotypes of Male Nurses Begin to Fade 

As the nation shed jobs throughout the recession, the job market for nurses continued to improve, inspiring more men to enter the field. “I guess my friends thought, since I played sports in high school, that I would take on a more manly job,” said nurse Ryan McFarland. “But this is a manly job. There are so many things in this field that aren't easy — most people don't have the stomach for it." Read more at USAToday. 

A Nurse’s Touch Can Reduce Hospital Readmissions 

A new study shows that patients who had increased contact with nurses during and after the discharge process were less likely to be readmitted within 60 days. The findings may result in more hospitals investing in the discharge process. “Readmissions are just a devastating event for patients and their families,” said EmblemHealth vice president Joseph Zeitlin, MD. “And we want to be able to be part of the process that affords to them the safe transition back to the communities and their providers and to be able to get back to their lives as soon as possible.” Read more about the study at 

Tough Love Nursing Lessons 

In a new collection of narratives written by nurses, “I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out,” veteran OB-GYN nurse Lori Mulvihill remembers the tough love that made her a better nurse.  “It’s nearly always busy and almost never about being a hero,” she writes. “It’s about the mundane, the day to day. People need water and washcloths. It’s work. Someone’s got to do it, and leaving it for the next nurse is bad manners.” Read more in an excerpt at Parade. 

Nurses Find an Outlet in Poetry 

Nurses and healthcare workers in New Jersey are finding out the healing power of poetry through workshops held at hospitals throughout the state. “It was very therapeutic,” said Gloria Chappelle, RN, education coordinator and infection prevention liaison at Morristown Medical Center’s Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute. “Caregivers in general do not think about themselves because they’re caring for others…it gives you the opportunity to say, 'I have feelings too.’” Read more at 

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