Top 5 Nursing News Stories You Missed This Week

From Facebook’s role in increasing organ donor registration, to a nurse’s inspiring run from Canada to the Mexican border, here are the top nursing news stories you missed this week:

Facebook Gives Huge Boost to Organ Donor Participation

With nearly 118,500 people currently waiting for organ donors, Facebook launched their organ donor status program, allowing users to display their organ donor status on their profile. "The short-term response was incredibly dramatic, unlike anything we had ever seen before in campaigns to increase the organ donation rate. And at the end of two weeks, the number of new organ donors was still climbing at twice the normal rate," said study leader Dr. Andrew M. Cameron, an associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. "If we can harness that excitement in the long term, then we can really start to move the needle on the big picture."  More from CBS News.

Go From CNO to CEO in Six Steps

More than 90% of the nursing workforce is women, yet most turn away from CEO positions. "I do think lots of times we set our bar, or our goal, or our dream too low," said Connie Curran, EhD, RN, FAAN, a member of Chamberlain’s Board of Trustees.  "I think that a lot of people really underestimate their potential, and if we don't see somebody else doing it we think it can't be done.” Read the six steps on HealthLeaders Media.

Veteran Nurse Reflects on Lessons from Her First Nursing Job

When new nursing graduate Susan Mende graduated with a BSN in 1980, she still had a lot to learn.  “When you decide to be a nurse you more than likely don’t realize that the excitement and joy of helping someone comes with the feeling of not being able to help them enough—that you can’t ‘fix their lives.’” Mende said. Read more from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Chamberlain Partners with National League of Nursing to Advance Nursing Education

Dr. Susan L. Groenwald, president of Chamberlain, Dr. Beverly Malone, CEO of the National League for Nursing and MSN student Florentina Tase came together to discuss the future of nursing education recently. “The National League for Nursing and our colleagues at Chamberlain have one of the most unique and collaborative partnerships that moves the nursing profession and nursing education in science, in particular, forward,” said Dr. Beverly Malone, CEO of the NLN. Watch the video here.

Four-Time Cancer Survivor and Nurse Helen Neville Runs from Canada to Mexico

Nurse Helen Neville, who survived four bouts of cancer and recently lost her brother to cancer, will run from Canada to the Mexican border, stopping along the way to speak with healthcare providers. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people…really helping and being that voice for the underserved, being the voice for the people that are invisible or not noticed or nameless and faceless,” said Neville. Read more at ScrubsMag.

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