Top 5 Nursing News Stories You Missed This Week

A new study has found that states with the fewest restrictions on the practice of nurse practitioners have two and a half times as many patients receiving primary care from an NP. Read this and more top nursing news stories from the week:

New Study Explores Nurse Practitioner Regulations

In a new study, researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston took a closer look at the effects of state regulations on nurse practitioners. "We wanted to look at what happened in states that allowed nurse practitioners more or less authority," said lead author of the study Yong-Fang Kuo, PhD. "As you would expect, it makes a big difference. We can now clearly show that states with fewer regulations means more patients get the primary care they need." Read more from

Nurses on the Frontlines Captured From Coast to Coast (Video)

Photographer Carolyn Jones, author of her new book “The American Nurse”, has been capturing and writing about the positive impact nurses have on patients across the nation. “In each instance, I think that there's this kind of personal well that [nurses are] just able to draw upon that the rest of us don't necessarily have,” said Jones. "They're people just like us. But they are driven to care for other people." Watch the interview at PBS News Hour. 5 Tips to Get Your Nursing Career on Track

For any nurse, there will be days that strain your patience. To achieve long-term, professional fulfillment, it's important to focus in on your goals in the nursing field and take time for reflection. “You’re literally creating that threshold of separation from your ordinary way of thinking and taking sacred, reflective time for yourself,” says Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN. Read the five tips to get on track at

Nurses Embrace Growing Diversity in Healthcare

As more Americans obtain access to health insurance coverage and the patient population diversifies, health care professionals will require extensive knowledge in community and multicultural care. “Nurses are leading the transformation of health care, so it is vital that they prepare to work in diverse settings and provide care for patients of all ethnicities and walks of life," said Dr. Susan Fletcher, a professor of international studies at Chamberlain, who has led international trips of nursing students since 1993 to Bolivia, Brazil, Kenya, the Philippines and Uganda. Read more in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Animal Therapy Helps Anxious Nursing Students

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) graduate Caitanya Min was inspired by a study on the effects of pet therapy on anxious nursing students and decided to bring animal therapy to JHUSON. "Hearing so much laughter, oooh-ing, and aaah-ing and seeing such relaxation and general joy and cheer made me only wish we had tried to bring Pets on Wheels to the School of Nursing a lot earlier." More at John Hopkins Magazine.

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