Top 5 Nursing News Stories You Missed This Week

As the digital age takes hold on the healthcare industry, there is a growing number of nurses specializing in informatics: Currently 9,000 of the 3 million nurses nationwide work in this specialty, and this percentage is increasing by 5 percent each year! Continue reading about the growing career field of nursing informatics and more trending news topics in the top nursing stories you missed this week:

Demand for Informatics Nurses on Rise

As more hospitals adopt the use of electronic health records (EHRs), the need of informatics nurses is increasing. Some informatics nurses, also known as clinical analysts, write software and maintain systems for their facilities, while others are liaisons between clinicians and information technology experts. This nursing specialization is integral to hospitals’ integration of EHRs and work toward attaining Magnet status. Learn more about the growing career field of nursing informatics at

Author of New Nightingale Book Discovers Nursing Legend's Historic Influence

Judith Cromwell’s book, “Florence Nightingale, Feminist,” reviews Nightingale’s powerful advocacy for women’s independence, with help from thousands of Nightingale’s preserved letters. It captures the portrait of a woman who not only created a new profession for women, but the opportunity for a better life. Cromwell writes, “[Nightingale] led in changing the concept of a hospital nurse from a drunken menial… into a medical professional.” Continue reading about Cromwell’s book about the legacy of Florence Nightingale at

TV May Reinforce Stereotypes about Men in Nursing

The fictional nurse roles male actors play on TV actually affect recruitment of male nurses. In television scenarios, male nurses are often stereotyped in a negative light. Researchers at the University of Western Sydney School of Nursing and Midwifery examined popular medical TV dramas to see how male nurse characters are portrayed and assess the impact this may have on male nurse recruitment. Read more about this study at Reuters.

New Toolkit Guides Clinicians in Handling Lab Test Results

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality released a toolkit to help nurses, physicians and medical office staff improve patient care through tracking, reporting and patient follow-up processes. “Improving Your Office Testing Process: Toolkit for Rapid-Cycle Patient Safety and Quality Improvement” aids in making care safer for patients in all medical settings. To learn more about the toolkit visit

When Nurses Bond With Their Patients

It can be difficult for nurses to maintain an emotional distance from patients, as the boundary between nurse and patient encompasses nurses as caregivers and patients as the recipients of care. Sarah Horstmann, R.N., works in an orthopedic surgical unit. She shares her experience when the line between a professional and personal relationship with patients becomes blurred. She, in turn, became the recipient of care. Read Sarah’s story at Wall Street Journal.

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