Top 5 Nursing News Stories You Missed This Week

A nurse’s role is constantly changing to meet the diverse, evolving needs of our communities and healthcare systems. This week’s Top 5 Nursing News Stories You Missed This Week highlights nursing school projects, the importance of nurse communication, nurse staffing in hospitals and the changing role of the school nurse.

Nursing School Project Become s a Home Run

College of New Rochelle nursing student Maria Migliorato, RN, CLNC was tasked with creating a public project that put nursing in a positive light. Her professor, Connie Vance, RN, EdD, FAAN, explained, “What I stress is we need to see our profession as a big outreach, as having a big impact on society.” Maria accomplished this by organizing a nurses’ night at a New York Mets baseball game. Read more about how Maria combined her career of nursing with her love of baseball at

Adaptive Learning Tool Designed To Help Nursing Students Pass NCLEX-RN

Wolters Kluwer Health recently launched Lippincott’s NCLEX-RN PassPoint, a new adaptive learning and exam prep tool for nursing students. The tool simulates the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), fully integrating content with the adaptive learning system and allowing students to immediately work to fill learning gaps as they discover them. Learn more about this prep tool at ADVANCE for Nurses.

Communication Is Key: Importance of Effective Hand-Off Reporting

Patient information can easily get lost in translation during a quick shift change, opening the door for medical errors. In fact, communication breakdown is the leading cause of medical errors. That is why communication between nursing staff is the foundation of high-quality patient care. It is important for nurses to master hand-off reporting, providing accurate, up-to-date and pertinent information to the oncoming nurses. The nurse handing off the patient must be sure to provide the oncoming nurse with a patient overview, assessment, safety concerns and plan of care. Read more about the importance of communication between nurses at Minority Nurse.

Nurse Staffing Linked To Lower Readmission Penalties

Hospital staffing numbers can have a significant impact on readmissions rates. Researchers estimate that each additional nurse-hour per patient day is associated with 10 percent lower odds of being penalized under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. The more nurses a hospital staffs, the lower their odds are of occurring readmissions penalties. Read more on this hot topic of hospital staffing and what nurses are doing to help the problem at Health Leaders Media.

School Nurses' Duties Expand With Changing Times

The National Association of School Nurses recommends a 1-to-750 school nurse to student ratio for well students and a 1-to-125 ratio in student populations with complex healthcare needs. School nurses today are being tasked with going above and beyond the traditional boundaries of past school nurses. They’re addressing a wider range of healthcare needs, from fixing a scraped knee to teaching pregnant teens how to become good mothers. Learn more about the evolving role of school nurses at USA Today.

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