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Chamberlain College of Nursing’s focus on student success extends well beyond the classroom and clinical environments. Chamberlain provides students with opportunities to expand their educational horizons through a full spectrum of social, cause-related and field experiences.

International Nursing Service Project

Venturing beyond the classroom and local community, Chamberlain students can participate in a unique opportunity through our International Nursing Service Projects. Past projects have taken Chamberlain students to Kenya, Bolivia and Brazil. Through this immersion experience, students gain a deeper understanding of cultural and economic differences. The two- to three-week service project can be done in place of the school’s required multiculturalism and community health courses. Varying by school, students have 2-3 opportunities per year to participate in this special experience.

Check out the following countries served by Chamberlain College of Nursing’s International Nursing Service Project. You’ll find more information on these trips and inspirational stories shared by the participants.

Kenya Service Trip

On May 1-15, 2011, Chamberlain College of Nursing joined forces with Ross University School of Medicine to serve the people of Kenya in three local slums. This Interprofessional Global Service Project, as it is known, was led by two distinguished individuals: Sue Fletcher, EdD, MSN, Professor and head of Chamberlain’s International Nursing Service Project trips, and Mary Coleman, MD, PhD, dean of Ross University’s Miami campus. In addition, eight Chamberlain students from the St. Louis campus attended.

Brazil Service Trip

Gigi Melendez, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor from the Addison campus, will be leading a separate group of Chamberlain students to Brazil on May 20, 2011. Their goal is to provide disease prevention and health education to the local communities, as part of a long-term goal to make them self-sufficient and depend less on outside medical care. And this is just the beginning.

Students may receive up to seven credits for Community Health Nursing (NR-441), and Cultural Diversity in the Professions (INT-351) upon successful completion and participation in the International Service Project.

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