To help address this problem, the Student Nurses Association (SNA) at Chamberlain’s Phoenix campus hosts an annual Hydration for the Homeless event.

Members of the SNA collect donations from businesses and individuals, amassing several cases of water, granola bars and other snacks and flip flops. Each item plays a crucial role in staving off the effects of the heat. Students then distribute the water and snacks to the homeless population in downtown Phoenix.

How It Began

In 2009, Chamberlain student Claire French learned of the challenges faced by the homeless of Phoenix, Arizona during her psych clinical rotation. Her patient was a homeless man, and described how difficult it was to sleep through the hot summer months. 

He told French that the pavement never cooled down, and would burn you even in the middle of the night. French also recognized that the intense heat could have an effect on the man’s medications.

Motivated by her caring nature, French rallied her fellow classmates, as well as the faculty and staff at our Phoenix campus, to answer the dire need for donations of water to local shelters and food banks during Arizona’s scorching summers.

Together, their efforts raised enough money to purchase and distribute 2,200 bottles of water to a local homeless shelter.

The event was so successful, that it has now become an annual occurrence.

Through the local chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and Student Government Association (SNA), they continue their efforts each and every year to bring water to those in need at the height of summer. 

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Hydration for the Homeless

Phoenix Students Deliver Hydration for the Homeless

During the summer in Phoenix, temperatures climb into the triple digits for weeks on end – putting the city’s homeless population at risk for dehydration, heat-related illness or even death.

Members of the SNA collected donations from businesses and individuals, amassing 20 cases of water, 15 cases of granola bars and other snacks, and 20 pairs of flip flops.
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Chamberlain student volunteers

Hydration for the Homeless

Without a cool space to rest or readily-available water to drink, the homeless population is especially vulnerable to heat-related illness or death when temperatures start to rise.

In 2009, during a psych clinical, nursing student Claire French learned this first-hand during. Read More.

To find out how you can get involved, contact your campus’s Student Government Association.

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