MSN FNP Practicums

The practicum experience is an integral part of the MSN-FNP curriculum. Before you decide where to complete your practicum, please be aware that Chamberlain's program does not prepare you for specialty certifications. It is our belief that all FNPs should be trained and gain experience in a general primary care setting before seeking out specialties. Should you wish to specialize later in your career, you will have the clinical skills all nurse practitioners need as you seek additional training and certifications.

Prospective and enrolled student, below you will find the steps you must complete while identifying your practicum site and preceptor. Although student driven, we are here to help you succeed and have included many resource to help you through the process.

Steps to Complete While in the MSN FNP Degree Program

Step 1: Practicum Coordinator Communication
Step 2: Identify Desired Practicum Site
Step 3: Identify Preceptor(s) and Gather Their Information
Step 4: Submit Practicum Application and Preceptor Information
Step 5: Satisfying clinical compliance requirements

Steps to complete if you need to find a new practicum site and preceptor

If you find yourself in this position, whatever the reason, no need to worry – communicate with your practicum coordinator and follow the steps listed in the previous section to help you find a new practicum site and preceptor. Although we understand this may have been out of your control, we will do everything we can to help keep you on schedule. Please know this process does take time and the possibility of delaying your next practicum course start may exist.

I want to provide information to a practicum site and preceptor

Below are resources you may review, save and provide to a practicum site and preceptor to give them a greater understanding of the precepting experience. Additionally, you may direct a potential preceptor to this website.

I want to know more about the FNP Immersion Weekend

The lab component of NR-509: Advanced Physical Assessment (often referred to as the Immersion Weekend Experience) typically takes place during week 7 at the Q Center located in the western suburbs of Chicago. Please do not make your travel arrangements until instructed to do so during the first week of NR-509 as the location could change. You are responsible for the travel costs while participating in the immersion weekend as part of NR-509. Typical costs include travel to/from Illinois, lodging and meals for 1-2 nights. The Immersion Weekend Fact Sheet (PDF) provides an overview of the weekend and the necessary travel arrangements. Please use this sheet as a general reference with the understanding that the logistics specific to your lab date will be provided during week 1 of NR-509. If you have questions, please send an email to or contact your admission representative.

I want to know more about the FNP track courses

The FNP track courses, including the practicum courses, contain some academic and learning style differences from the MSN core courses. To help you understand these differences, please review the resources below: