LPN to RN Bridge Option*

Chamberlain’s on-site LPN to RN bridge option is a degree completion program designed for qualified Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who wish to pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing and become Registered Nurses (RNs). This program can be completed on-site at Chamberlain’s Columbus, Ohio campus and is currently available to Ohio residents only.

LPN to RN Bridge students are awarded up to 10 credit hours (3 in general education and 7 in nursing) toward the Associate Degree in Nursing. These hours are awarded through the Chamberlain College Articulation Plan (CCAP) and represent credit for knowledge gained in previous practical nurse education programs. Content for awarded credit includes theory and experience in basic maternal/newborn nursing, nursing of children, nursing of adults and geriatric clients, and mental health nursing as well as developmental psychology. To receive this transfer credit the LPN student must successfully pass a validation test of adult health content. This test is administered as part of the course requirement for NR 225 – Transitions in Professional Nursing.

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LPN to RN Admission Requirements:

Prospective students must complete an application and interview with a Chamberlain admission representative. When all admission requirements are fulfilled, applicants are notified in writing of their admission status.

  • Current, active LPN or LVN license from the U.S. or from a jurisdiction that is an associate member of the  National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). All students must maintain licensure throughout the program of study.

  • A minimum high school cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 2.75, a minimum GED score of 551, or a minimum college CGPA of 2.75. The college CPGA must include 24 or more credit hours, excluding developmental courses, from an accredited institution. CGPA achieved in the last five years may take precedence over a prior CGPA. Failure to disclose attendance at other colleges is grounds for denial of admission or for dismissal.

  • A minimum ACT composite score of 21, minimum SAT critical reading and mathematics reasoning (CR-M) score of 990, or a minimum A2 Admission Assessment score of 75.

  • All applicants for pre-licensure programs are required to complete the A2 Admissions Assessment test prior to admission. A student may retake the A2 Admission Assessment test only once after a three-day waiting period and within 30 days of submitting the Application for Admission at no charge. (A retesting fee will be charged, or will apply, after 30 days from application.)

  • * The final ADN program cohort will be admitted for the September 2015 semester. We will provide full instruction and support to all new and continuing students until degree conferral. The decision to discontinue the ADN program after the September 2015 enrollment was a result of the demand for the associate degree program in Columbus decreasing as more healthcare agencies require new graduates to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
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    Hands-on Experience

    Students are challenged to react to medical scenarios, from childbirth to cardiac arrest, in Chamberlain’s SIMCARE Center.