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Alumni FAQ

Alumni Association FAQ

What benefits does the Chamberlain University Alumni Association offer alumni?

The Chamberlain University Alumni Association offers you opportunities to make meaningful connections, stay engaged with the healthcare industry and expand your professional network. Benefits include:

  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and other fellow alumni at local events
  • Career resources such as resume preparation and interview guidance to help you throughout your professional journey
  • Directory services to find a classmate
  • Access to the expansive Chamberlain library to utilize for your research needs
  • Alumni-specific tuition rates for continuing education and advancing your degree
  • Access to the latest industry news and much more
What career resources are available to alumni?

As a Chamberlain alum, you have access to career resources at every stage of your career. Whether you are starting a new career or advancing in your existing one, Chamberlain's resources include the following:

  • Access to job leads geared toward Chamberlain alumni
  • Resume creation and cover letter development tool
  • Interview preparation guides
  • LinkedIn profile optimization tool
  • Access to employer-hosted career events

Log in to the Chamberlain CareerCare Site to get started. 

How do I continue my education at Chamberlain University?

In an effort to promote lifelong learning and advancing your education, Chamberlain alumni receive special tuition rate discounts (MSN - $100/credit hour, DNP- $115/credit hour) to continue with one of our degree programs. Call an advisor today at 877.751.5783 to request more information regarding any of the following degree programs: 

How do I obtain a transcript?

Go to the Transcripts request form and complete to order your transcripts online.
Electronic Transcripts: $5 each
Paper Transcripts: $7 each

A copy of your transcript can be requested via the student portal at

Alumni Online Community FAQ

How do I become a member of the Chamberlain University Alumni Association?

At Chamberlain, we believe in lifelong learning and want to partner with you throughout your journey in transforming the future of healthcare. As a valued Chamberlain graduate, you automatically become a member of the Alumni Association at no cost. To take advantage of the numerous benefits we offer to alumni, register to get started.

Why should I register for the online community?

Registering for Chamberlain's online community will enhance your experience as a healthcare professional by offering opportunities to make connections in your industry and expand your network. The Chamberlain University Alumni Association intends to provide alumni with resources you need to work, live and lead your best life as a healthcare professional. Our online community is your link to exclusive alumni benefits, expansive (and local) networking opportunities, access to the latest industry news and more.

How do I register for Chamberlain's online alumni community?

Registration is quick and easy. To validate you are a graduate of Chamberlain, we will ask for your name and birth date. Go to the registration page to get started and gain access to exclusive alumni benefits today.

Will my information be sold to or used by any organizations outside of Chamberlain?

Chamberlain University will not sell or disseminate alumni information to anyone outside of Chamberlain.

How do I update my password?

After you log in, go to My Profile. On this page, click on the Account Information tab to reset your password.

What are the recommended browsers for viewing

We recommend using Mozilla® Firefox® versions 14.0 and above, Google Chrome™ versions 20.0 and above, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9 and 10, and Apple® Safari® 5.1 and above on Mac OS X.

My name does not appear after I click “Find My Record.” What is my next step?

Please contact us at with your name, phone number and birth date. We will confirm that you are a graduate of Chamberlain or Deaconess and contact you.

I attended Deaconess. Am I still a member of the Chamberlain University Alumni Association?

As a distinguished part of our 130-year history, Chamberlain welcomes all Deaconess graduates as a part of the Chamberlain community and are members of the Chamberlain University Alumni Association.

I am still a current student. When can I register for the alumni online community?

You can register for the alumni online community four weeks after your conferral date.

Staying Connected FAQ

What networking opportunities are offered by the Chamberlain University Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association offers regional networking events in conjunction with our campuses to promote local networking among your peers, industry leaders and other healthcare professionals. Check them out here. Throughout the year, we also host online webinars and workshops that provide virtual access to over 93,000 alumni members worldwide.

How do I get in touch with classmates?

To connect with your fellow alumni, visit the alumni directory. You will have access to the alumni directory after you register and log in.

How can I find alumni in my area?

The alumni directory has an advanced search tool that allows you to search by city, state and zip code. Attending local networking events hosted by the Alumni Association is also a great way to find alumni in your area and build meaningful connections.

How can I find out more about alumni events?

The Chamberlain University Alumni Association supports local and national events that are open to all alumni. To learn more about alumni events, please go to the Events page or contact us at

How can I share news and accomplishments with Chamberlain?

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at to share your story. The alumni stories we receive will be periodically featured in various channels such as The Chamberlain Blog, Chamberlain's social pages and even in the spotlight section of our website. So don't be shy ⁠— brag to us about all the great things you are doing. We want to celebrate your accomplishments.

Are there social media groups specifically for Chamberlain alumni?

Yes. The Chamberlain University Alumni Association has a LinkedIn group specifically dedicated to alumni. It's a great place to share industry news, accomplishments, discussion topics on causes you are passionate about, and any other information you would like to connect with your fellow alumni on. Check it out here.