5 Must-Read Blogs for Nurse Practitioners

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“Next to marrying my wife, I can say with 100% confidence that choosing to be a nurse practitioner was one of the best decisions of my life,” wrote Sean Dent, on the blog FreshNP. “My only regret? Not doing it sooner.”

As a family nurse practitioner, it’s important to always be learning, whether that’s by attending seminars, participating in trainings at work or reading blog posts like Sean’s. After cruising through tons of nurse practitioner blogs, we have pulled together five of our favorites that will help you gain valuable insight on what it really means to be a nurse practitioner today.

1. FreshNP

FreshNP is a platform geared to aspiring nurse practitioners within the industry. Sean Dent, MSN RN ACNP, and Kati Kleber, MSN RN CCRN, offer a fresh outlook and helpful insights for nurses pondering continuing their education, as well as recent NP graduates. FreshNP stands out among other nursing blogs because it features a Q&A section referred to as "Ask The NP" and podcasts that invite future NPs into a day in the life of a real NP.

2. MidlevelU

MidlevelU’s creator, Erin Tolbert, MSN RN FNP, aims to nurture a thriving online forum that supports nurse practitioners from the kickoff of their education and throughout their NP career. MidlevelU shares content for NPs to help ease the transition from education to practice. The blog helps students accomplish this by frequently sharing helpful career advice, including strategies for finding a job after graduation, what employers look for in an NP and tips on what to expect during your residency.


Danielle LeVeck, DNP ACNPC-AG, helps nurses navigate the crazy, magnificent world of being a nurse through her blog Nurseabnormalities. With LeVeck’s combination of vulnerability and humor, she achieves her overarching goal of inspiring nurses and healthcare providers to work in sync to achieve optimal patient care. Nurseabnormalities explores nursing culture by giving encouraging, motivational tips that you probably did not learn in school.

4Modern Nurse

Psychiatric nurse practitioner and user researcher, Melissa DeCapua, DNP PMHNP, embraces emerging technology and the ways NPs might creatively and ethically apply it to their own practices in her blog, Modern Nurse. Combined with DeCapua’s creative thinking and clinical expertise, her blog creates a space for nurses to access information about complex healthcare problems and how to become leaders in modern medicine. The blog covers topics such as online ethics for nurse practitioners, clinical applications of mobile apps and career advice.

5. Nurse Blake

Social influencer, writer, public speaker and registered nurse, William Blake, received his BSN from the University of Central Florida. Although he’s not a nurse practitioner, Blake considers himself a vigorous advocate for nurses, patients and encourages a healthy work environment. As a well-known nurse blogger, Nurse Blake uses his humor and vibrant personality to cover a wide variety of topics ranging from Ten Things To Know When Dating A Nurse to How To Answer Nursing Interview Questions. Nurse Blake is the go-to blog guaranteed to get a belly laugh out of you, even on your worst days.

Nurses are some of the most devoted and hardworking people within the medical field and it’s no surprise to find them sharing their passion and insights online. Now, it’s your turn! If you have a favorite blog you’d like to share with us, let us know by tweeting us @chamberlainedu.

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