7 Graduates Share Advice for Future Students


“You learn something new every day” is a phrase we have all heard before. As a student, you’re constantly learning with the goal of graduating. Graduation may mark the end of your formal education, but you will still be learning and reflecting upon your prior experiences.

As recent graduates reflect upon their time at Chamberlain, we asked them what advice they would give to future Chamberlain students. Here’s what they said:

Keep Your Goal in Mind

“Take the initiative to start your pursuing your education, stay focused and make sure you complete your goal.” – Susan Mathew, DNP Grad

“You’re going to have some ups and have some downs, but continue to press forward because you’ll get the reward at the end.” – Sheila Belton-Gaymon, DNP Grad

Work Hard, Be Organized & Use Your Resources

“Study really, really hard and keep up with all of the material they’re going to give you. Find a classmate of yours to help you study, that way you can get through it together!”  – Marcia Tenezaca, MSN-FNP Grad

 “Utilize and exhaust all of your resources when needed, put forth your best effort in all you do and believe in yourself and your dream!” – Ashley Whitlatch, MSN-FNP Grad

“Make sure you plan your week out. Find out what assignments you have, make a plan, put in your calendar, and stick to it. Do not procrastinate or you will have many late nights! Most importantly, know that you CAN do this. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.”  – Rebecca Kaufman, MSN-FNP Grad

 Have Perseverance

“Continue your education no matter what – don’t let anything get in your way.” – Yajaira Nelson, RN-BSN Grad

“It took me 27 years as a nurse to finish my BSN, and Chamberlain made it happen. No matter what, keep going. Don’t stop.” – Nathalie Fleureau, RN-BSN Grad

Are you a recent Chamberlain graduate? Comment with your advice below!  

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