A Birthday in the Philippines!


Hello everybody! My birthday is today and is almost over in the Philippines, but continues in the U.S. I could not have asked for a better birthday present! My experience on the International Nursing Service Project trip is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. 

We have not had Internet for the past several days. There is just so much to say, but so little time and space. What I do feel like writing about is not what I have done these past few days, but how this place has truly touched me.

The 19 people that have shared this experience with me are all so different and somehow it works. We have all cried, laughed and worked our butts off together. I am so proud to call these people my friends and classmates. I have watched them challenge themselves and use everything they have learned in the classroom during real-life challenging situations. It’s just amazing!

I am learning a lot about myself and my culture throughout this trip. It just amazes me how everyone here is so generous. I am not kidding when I say that I feel like Queen Elizabeth with how we have been treated. I have seen how the people here live with so little, but at the end of the day they are happy because they have hope, and most importantly love for one another.

After we performed assessments on several families this week, we gave out donations. I watched their eyes in amazement because they had no idea and they kept hugging and kissing me. I broke down crying because I never felt so good before in my life! As we were leaving, the family ran towards the bus to say goodbye. I knew right then and there I have a purpose in life and that is to help people.

I have never been more inspired to give back to others and teach my children to be more open minded, cultured and giving to others who are in need. It truly is a beautiful thing to give someone hope through donations, medical care, food, building them a home, or sending their children to school.

Tomorrow starts a two-day medical and surgical mission. I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

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