Bringing Chamberlain Care to Kenya


Addison campus student Kevin Cayanan is among the 23 Chamberlain College of Nursing students currently on the International Nursing Service Project trip to Kenya. He reflects on the trip below: 

Why did you want to go on this trip?

With this trip, I feel I can be proactive and make a difference, particularly for people who need it the most.  I know I am probably not going to be the next Florence Nightingale, but if this trip can allow me to inspire change in at least one person’s life, then I could not be any happier.

What do you hope to take away from the experience?

I want to go beyond looking at the world in one point of view and appreciate the world from other views. There’s a big distinction between sympathy and empathy. When you feel sympathy, you feel sorry for someone and that’s not constructive. Empathy is important because with it I can understand where the problem stems from and then I can find a viable solution.

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