In the Midst of Patient Suffering, Las Vegas Graduate Shows Tender Care

During one of her clinical rotations, Genevieve Crutchfield, a recent 3-Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduate of the Las Vegas campus, was assigned to the care of a 26-year-old woman with stage 4 bone cancer.

“My heart broke for her,” Genevieve said. “It’s very hard when you see someone who’s in this much pain. The patient couldn’t communicate because she was sedated, but you could just see the suffering in her face and in her eyes.”

Despite the challenging circumstances, Genevieve provided exceptional care that won her the admiration of her peers and earned her the DAISY in Training Award – a recognition program that honors pre-licensure nursing students for outstanding skill and compassionate patient care in the clinical setting.

In her nomination of Genevieve, fellow student Trisha Escobido wrote, “I watched Genevieve care for this young lady all day. She checked on her hourly and at times, I would see Genevieve standing next to the bed talking with her because for a majority of the day [the patient] was alone. Although the communication was limited verbally, Genevieve's presence and care that day spoke volumes.”

Praise from the Las Vegas Dean
Trisha and the DAISY Foundation are not the only ones to recognize Genevieve’s special attention to caring deeply for others. Las Vegas Assistant Dean of the Center for Academic Success (CAS), Angela Beck, MSN Ed, RN, has noticed it as Genevieve’s CAS mentor.

“Genevieve has a really astute understanding of how to make things simpler,” said Dean Beck. “She has quite a following at the CAS and there are students who come to be tutored by her. She has exceeded not only my expectations, but also her own expectations for herself.”

Genevieve graduated this past December and plans to work in critical care.

“I like seeing the progression of the patient getting better in the critical care units – whether it’s with adults, children or with newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit,” said Genevieve. “You have an opportunity to impact the lives of these patients in an extraordinary way during a unique time of need.”

Chamberlain & The DAISY Foundation

Chamberlain University is proud to be a partner of The DAISY Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing nurses for their skill, kindness and compassion.

The DAISY in Training Award recognizes nursing students for outstanding, compassionate care during their clinical rotations, while the DAISY Faculty Award honors those who are helping to shape the nurses of tomorrow.

In addition, nurses who have received the DAISY Award through their employer or school are eligible for a special DAISY Honoree Scholarship for Chamberlain’s post-licensure programs.

Learn more about Chamberlain’s partnership with the DAISY Foundation here.

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