Making Like a Tree and Leafing… Manila Bound!

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I blogged offline during our 15-hour trip to the Philippines for the International Nursing Service Project trip! Stay tuned for more updates.

3:05pm CST on 1/9/13, somewhere over Minnesota:

It's official... we're Manila bound! All 18 of us made it to O'Hare International Airport with our outrageously heavy suitcases in tow. My backpack felt more like a small toddler at 9 kilograms. Several parents and friends stuck with us until it was time for us to move to the security gate. We had to have taken 1,000 pictures before we left. Some shed some tears...which was so adorable. On the other end of the spectrum is Patrick (my husband), who opted for the curbside drop off… hahaha! I know it’s early, but all signs say that we are a pretty rambunctious group. We laughed our heads off over a McDonald's lunch, shared fries and friended each other on Facebook.

5:02pm CST on 1/9/13, somewhere over western Canada:

Just finished a salmon dinner and it was good!! Jordyn (my seatmate) and I were pretty impressed. Only 12 hours and 29 minutes until we land in Hong Kong.

6:00am CST on 1/10/13, Hong Kong:

Three movies, some iPod time and a little bit of sleep and we have finally made it to Hong Kong!!! Taking off for Manila in about an hour.

Thanks for reading! Keep following our trip updates.

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