NYC Hospitals Say Sayonara to Snickers, Farewell to French Fries, in Healthy Hospital Food Initiative

Several New York City hospitals have committed to practice what they preach by promoting healthy food choices inside their walls.

The Healthy Hospital Food Initiative aims to up the nutritional value of patient meals, food served in hospital cafeterias and items in vending machines.

“People sometimes right now don't have healthy options," said Christine Curtis, the NYC Health Department's director of nutrition strategy, to the Associated Press. "So you are there at 2 in the morning and maybe your only choice is soda and chips.”

Recommendations include placing water and seltzer in a more prominent position in vending machines—eye level — and moving high-calorie beverages to just two spots near the bottom. Deep fried foods are a no-no in cafeterias, but whole grains, fruits and vegetables are required.

Nurses, would you like to see your hospital or healthcare setting take similar measures?

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