Phoenix Student Gets Behind-the-Scenes Look at Community Nursing

Phoenix Student

While studying community health, Chamberlain Phoenix student Kimberly Morelli recently gained special insight into educating the public.

Working with Professors Luanne Kelly and Pat Bishop — and inspired by another professor who had lost a son to a heart attack — Morelli organized a four-hour wellness fair for students and faculty at the Phoenix campus, where Chamberlain is also co-located with DeVry University and Carrington College. The project served as a clinical experience for NR-442: Community Health Nursing.

Morelli sought out vendors and coordinated their participation at the fair down to the last detail. She recruited nutritionists, acupuncturists and representatives from the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Association, among others. The fair included a station for breast and testicular cancer awareness, and representatives from the talking book library for the deaf and blind. Also available were on-the-spot cholesterol checks, which proved to be popular among attendees.

She was surprised at how much work was involved, but pleased at how educational the fair turned out to be for nursing students and for others.

“It was a good refresher on what we should be educating our patients on,” she said.

Morelli also found it rewarding to be providing health information to students from the other institutions who might not see a doctor regularly.

“Putting this fair together made me think about doing more in the community. Even if you only affect 10 people, that’s 10 people you helped,” she said. “More nurses should be involved in that.”

Morelli, who expects to graduate in April, hopes to work in critical care nursing.

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