SIMCARE CENTER Baby Shower Supports Local Charity


On the eve of Mother’s Day, Chamberlain’s Tinley Park, Illinois campus held a baby shower for one of its SIMCARE CENTER™ mannequins, casually known as Noelle. Noelle is a mannequin of a pregnant woman that can effectively give birth to a mannequin child. The mannequin helps nursing students prepare for real life scenarios they will face after graduation.

Sally Carlisle, SIMCARE CENTER manager for the campus said that the baby shower was held to support the local Crisis Center of South Suburbia, a non-profit community organization that provides emergency shelter and other essential services for individuals and families victimized by domestic violence. “When we first came up with the idea to have a baby shower for Noelle, we knew we’d have the chance to help out a group with donations. Given the nature of the event, it only made sense to help a women’s shelter,” said Carlisle.

She said that the campus accepted donations of items typical expectant mothers would require to care for their newborn baby, including diapers, baby lotion, sippy cups, nail clippers, nasal aspirators and more.

Chamberlain nursing students were also able to submit names for consideration to be the official name of Noelle’s baby. After all the votes were tallied, "Peytonended up being the winning name.

Carlisle added that the event was held as part of the celebration surrounding Nurses Week on the campus and that she hopes to have it become a recurring annual event.

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