Top 10 Apps for Nurses

Apps are a way of life. Everyone knows how fun (and distracting) an app can be. But have you considered how useful they could be if you put them to work?

There are apps for nurses which can help coordinate your schedule. And apps to help calculate drug prescription amounts, offer news on the profession overall and aid in setting a patient’s care plan. Having these resources at your fingertips (literally) can make your smartphone a powerful tool on the job.

Here are our picks for the top 10 apps for nurses for both Android and iOS.

1. Nursing Central™ (Android, iOS)

This app can be a one stop shop for all your reference needs. It includes information on 5,000 drugs, 65,000 medical definitions and over 17 million journal articles.

Great for looking up information on the fly or reading the latest peer reviewed research, this app is a central repository for everything a nurse needs.

2. Human Anatomy Atlas(Android, iOS)

Nursing school may be behind you, but everyone could use a refresher now and then. Boasting over 3,800 3D images of human anatomy and structure, this app also features quizzes to help test your knowledge and keep you sharp.

3. Nursing Care Plans (iOS)

With over 100 care plans (including the diagnoses, interventions and rationales), this app helps nurses write customized plans for patients. Nursing specialties such as medical-surgical, maternity, pediatrics and psychiatry are covered.

4. MedPage Today (Android, iOS)

This app features breaking medical news, comprehensive reference information and continuing medical education credits. It also includes daily coverage of more than 30 specialties and annual coverage of more than 60 medical-related meetings and symposia.

5. Cozi™ (Android, iOS)

This app can not only help you manage your shift schedule, but also help you manage your whole life. Start by entering in your work hours and then build around that by adding in your family and social schedules. Have an errand to run at the grocery store? You can tuck in a reminder for that as well, along with a list of the items you need there.

6. Epocrates RX® (Android, iOS)

Offering medical news and clinical practice guidelines, this app has grown beyond its original function as a drug reference guide. The additions of location-specific bacterial resistance data to support your clinical decision making and access to more than 20 medical calculators and risk scores gives you extra resources to help make you the best nurse you can be.

7. NurseTabs (Android, iOS)

Designed by a nursing professor, this app focuses on three essential concepts of nursing: fundamentals, pharmacology and med-surg. In each area, users have access to more than 120 skills and procedures. Depending on the skill selected, users are told the medical equipment they’ll need to perform a procedure and receive step by step instructions how.

8. PALS Advisor (iOS)

For nurses working with pediatric patients, this is a must have app. Created for use during Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) codes, the app is designed to help nurses assess patient characteristics and then guides resuscitation. The app follows American Heart Association guidelines.

9. MediBabble Translator (iOS)

Nursing care knows no boundaries and this app recognizes that. For nurses working with non-English speaking patients, the translator tool helps to smooth out the communication and improve care. The app makes use of a database of already translated questions and instructions. And all entries are reviewed for medical accuracy.

10. Pill Identifier (Android, iOS)

It’s one thing to be able to recall the right drug to prescribe, but what if you’re in a situation where a patient already has pills, but no way to identify them? This app helps you reverse identify pills without a label. More than 10,000 prescription and over the counter medications are listed in the searchable database, which lets you look for drugs based on imprint, shape and color.

Which apps have you found most helpful in your nursing career?


The trademarks we use to identify particular goods/services are owned by their respective owners and do not constitute in any manner their endorsement of Chamberlain. More information on all of these apps can be found in the iTunes® and Google Play™online stores.

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