Life at Chamberlain

Chamberlain faculty and student in SIMCAREAt Chamberlain, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our students – and in the world. We are committed to student success and believe that students succeed when they are encouraged and

supported. The Chamberlain Care® Student Success Model provides robust customized academic coaching and mentoring toward a goal of student academic success and transformation into extraordinary nurses.

Whether we are helping aspiring nurses achieve their goals, preparing nurses to fill new roles, or providing care to impoverished communities around the world, what distinguishes Chamberlain is care – Chamberlain Care.™

Our Culture

We approach our culture for faculty and colleagues with the same dedication we give our students. Our approach to academic excellence begins with our TEACH values:

Teamwork – We put the team first, appreciate diverse points of view, assume positive intent, collaborate and communicate openly.

Energy – We move quickly, learn from mistakes, build positive spirit and always look for a better way.

Accountability – We take ownership and initiative, demonstrate courage as we speak up, and act with integrity in all that we do.

Community – We operate with a shared sense of responsibility and purpose, and enrich colleagues, students, and the broader community we serve.

Heart – We serve students and each other with passion, respect, and care. In the Community Through community involvement, students are taught early on about the importance of care and service to others and the vital role nursing plays in giving back to the community through care and compassion for others.

Global Health Education Program experiences: Students have an opportunity to advance their nursing skills as they venture beyond the classroom and local community and gain clinical experience through a full spectrum social and cause-related nursing service trips. See firsthand the impact possible as you personally contribute to transforming healthcare delivery at a global level.

Hydration for Homeless: Phoenix campus students hit the streets to serve a vulnerable population. Without a cool space to rest or readily-available water to drink, the homeless population is especially vulnerable to heat-related illness or death when temperatures start to rise. Each year, members of the Student Nurses Association at the Phoenix campus collect donations from businesses and individuals. On average, the effort collects more than 40 cases of water, 15 cases of granola bars and other snacks and over two dozen pairs of flip flops for the homeless population.

Alumni Spotlight

Lori Gutierrez, RN-C, DON-CLTC, RN to BSN Option ’15, current MSN program student. Guitierrez was reappointed to the Arizona State Board of Nursing in October 2014 for her second five-year term. She also currently chairs the board’s scope of practice committee, where she helps draft advisory opinions that clarify regulations and give direction to both nurses and employers throughout the state. “Serving on the board validates my role as a nurse and a servant leader. It allows me to help keep the public safe and serve the profession that I love,” she said.

Rachel Anderson, MSN, RN, CBIS, RN to BSN Option ’12, MSN ’13. Anderson is the program director at the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. She’s also actively involved in advocacy for patients with brain injury. In 2014, she helped draft recommendations for the state’s restructuring of mental health/disability services. “Within the redesign, I can see parts of the recommendations I wrote,” she said. “That is really inspiring and helps me see that I can make an impact.” Anderson currently serves on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Brain Injury.

Joyce Ellis, BSN, RN, CDE, RN to BSN Option ’15. Ellis graduated from the RN to BSN Online Option more than 40 years after first becoming a nurse. During her time in the program, she earned top grades, graduated with President’s Honors and was offered a new position. “I did it for me, and I’m really proud,” she said. “The first time I wrote BSN, RN, CDE was amazing.”

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