Our Approach

Chamberlain faculty in classroomMost nursing schools incorporate tools for building nurse-patient relationships into their curricula. At Chamberlain, we have gone a step further and made care of students a part of our educational culture, with the belief that extraordinary care of nursing students is more likely to lead to extraordinary patient and family care.

We call it Chamberlain Care™. Faculty and staff display behaviors of care, respect and professionalism, creating a culture that fosters collaboration, cooperation and respect among all. By modeling a care-based set of beliefs, values and behaviors expected to be exemplified by professional nurses, Chamberlain faculty impart the qualities of extraordinary nurses into their students.

Chamberlain Care is demonstrated through the support faculty and staff provide students. From the beginning of their academic career all the way through graduation, students are prepared with a strong foundation for academic success. Support services include early introduction to comprehensive academic resources and unique, hands-on experiences that engage students and help them in their efforts to achieve their career goals.

Experiential Learning

We offer our students experiential learning opportunities to learn real-life scenarios to empower them to have both experience and proficiencies in the field as a professional nurse through such experiences as:

Chamberlain SIMCARE CENTER™ – offers high tech simulations for simulation labs highlighted by high fidelity mannequins designed to provide students with experiential learning opportunities that will allow you to hone your skills prior to working with real patients.

Global Health Education Program experiences – allows qualified students the opportunity to travel to selected international locations to provide clinical care to underserved populations.

Center for Academic Success

Students tell us that one of the most valuable features of Chamberlain’s program is our Chamberlain Care Student Success Model that provides you access to a comprehensive set of academic resources to support your success. At the heart of this model lies the Center for Academic Success or CAS. The CAS provides students with peer and professional tutor support for their coursework as well as workshops on wide range of topics including study habits, time management, and NCLEX® preparation.

Career Services

We offer our students Chamberlain Career Care – offering students and graduates with assistance in with various career services including: writing resumes; creating career portfolios and conducting interview. We also offer our students and graduates networking opportunities for career and mentoring options across the country. We hear from our students, as well as organizations Ambien that have our students on clinical rotation or who employ our graduates, that Chamberlain students and graduates come ready to care for patients and approach these opportunities with confidence.

Personalized counseling through ASPIRE

We offer a no-cost, personal support program for our students and their families to address daily life and academic performance issues.

800+ Clinical Hours

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree seeking students build clinical competencies with approximately 800 hours of experiential learning (simulated learning, skills labs and clinicals).

Small Class Sizes

Our student-centric learning environment is enhanced by individualized instruction and small class sizes. Chamberlain student to faculty ratios average 20-25: 1 in the classroom and 8-10:1 in our clinical experiences.

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