A New Approach

A new approach

Advancing Nursing Through Educational Alliances

Alliances between educational institutions and healthcare systems create a mutually beneficial, synergistic relationship that provides opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and career advancement for both colleagues and students.

Nursing professionals place a high value on the quality of care they provide and their ability to contribute more resources to the healthcare providers they serve. According to a recent online survey of nursing professionals, when asked why they were seeking an advanced degree, 30 percent of respondents stated they wanted to provide better patient care, and 26 percent wanted to advance in their organizations.1 Continuing education is on the mind of many nurses, but the way educational institutions approach that is changing. 

Many healthcare systems have a long history as leading academic medical centers demonstrating a consistent commitment to train the next generation of physicians, nurses, leaders and employees. Partnering with educational institutions provides a natural extension of their commitment to prepare the caregivers of the future and continue the high-quality care provided to their patients. By expanding affiliations with strong nursing education programs, healthcare systems have an opportunity to further elevate the nursing profession.

Expanding Opportunity Through The Student Experience 

Educational alliance agreements are formed to focus on improving patient care through strong academic-service collaboration in areas such as evidence-based practice, nursing research, interprofessional education and care teams while piloting new models for transitioning students into nursing practice. Students often have the exclusive opportunity to do all of their clinical rotations at affiliated healthcare facilities and partner locations. In addition, students may also have access to professional development programs. 

Healthcare systems acknowledge the dire need for nurses and their important contribution to the healthcare industry. Educational alliances create unique and proactive opportunities to fulfill that need through programs that encompass interdisciplinary learning and simulation training that supports clinical experiences for nursing students.

Educational Collaboration in Action 

Through a unique educational alliance, Chamberlain University College of Nursing came together with Ochsner Health System – a renowned medical institution in Louisiana – and opened a new Chamberlain campus located on the West Campus of Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans.

The educational alliance offers Chamberlain students the exclusive opportunity to do all of their clinical rotations at the renowned Ochsner Health System facilities and partner locations. In addition, third-year students will have the opportunity to apply for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Nurse Technician Honors Program and will have access to system nursing professional development programs at Ochsner Health System. Working alongside Ochsner, the alliance helps train the caregivers of the future – right at Ochsner Health System facilities. Additionally, this provides a unique opportunity for allied health, CNAs, lab techs and others to continue their healthcare education in order to make the transition into nursing. Alliances such as the one with Ochsner Health System helps healthcare institutions to support the professional career development and educational pathway for their employees while also helping to achieving Magnet status. In addition, Ochsner Health System colleagues will receive group-specific tuition pricing for the onsite 3-year BSN program at our New Orleans campus.

Chamberlain’s commitment is to deliver an education that prepares students to thrive as a healthcare professional. This commitment – is a dedication to providing students with the tools and resources to be successful while being immersed in a community of care, exemplified by faculty and student support that helps foster academic success – we call this Chamberlain Care®

Chamberlain University College of Nursing at Ochsner Health System expands baccalaureate nursing education opportunities in New Orleans, addressing the current nursing shortage the city is facing2 and provides the Chamberlain Care®; culture and robust support for student success. The campus offers an on-site, three-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program. In an effort to encourage lifelong learning, Chamberlain University also offers Ochsner nurses a variety of online post-licensure degree programs including the RN to BSN degree completion option, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Registered nurses within the Ochsner Health System will receive group-specific tuition pricing for these post-licensure programs.

Charting a Path for Innovation in Education

Chamberlain’s educational alliance with Ochsner Health System is just one example of the innovative ways that education can continually evolve to stay at the forefront of healthcare education. Educational institutions and healthcare systems have a unique opportunity to support one another through relationships that can foster a culture of care, a commitment to lifelong learning and the constant pursuit of continuing to elevate the role of healthcare professionals.

“Ochsner Health System has deep roots in New Orleans and the surrounding area,” said Susan Groenwald, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN, president emeritus of Chamberlain University. “We are thrilled to align with Ochsner to increase the education options available to people interested in serving the community. Our organizations are strongly aligned in culture, mission and vision, and this alliance gives us the opportunity not only to collaborate in providing exceptional care to the students we educate, but also to work with Ochsner to design programs that transform patient care delivery and improve new graduates’ transition to practice.”

Strategic Alliance Benefits

Compliance & Coordination

Clinical and Practicum Coordinators

Clinical and practicum coordinators serve as a single point of contact to facilitate the experiential learning opportunities for our students and the locations that receive them, including:

  • Centralized coordination and placement
  • Ensuring healthcare compliance requirements are complete and remain valid throughout the program, including all partner-specific requirements
  • Serving as liaison between our students and faculty and our clinical and practicum partners

Staff Recruitment

Student Affairs Specialist

CareerCare® – our complimentary career and staffing resources allow the institution to advertise positions, job fairs and informational sessions at a Chamberlain campus or virtually, reaching our student and alumni populations:

  • Access to our vast talent pool of Chamberlain students and alumni from our associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level degree programs and program options – our students are training in nursing and public health specialties
  • Group or private interviews on-site and virtually at recruiting events at any one of Chamberlain’s nationwide locations

Strategic Resources & Support

Clinical Development Specialist

Develop strategic partnerships with healthcare providers in new markets. 

  • Identify potential clinical opportunities for future pre-licensure nursing students to support the state board of nursing requirements
  • Explore opportunities for creative collaboration as they pertain to the needs of the site
  • Facilitates introduction(s) between partners and Chamberlain colleagues if interest is expressed in additional Chamberlain services (HDS, Career Services)
  • Seek opportunities to expand relationships with sites to include support of Chamberlain graduate programs as appropriate and when deemed mutually-beneficial

BSN Progression

Staff Degree Advancement
Staff Retention
Support Across the Magnet Journey
Healthcare Development Team 

The Healthcare Development Team serves as a partner and resource for all Chamberlain online, post-licensure degree options. 

  • Establishment and coordination of partner benefits
  • Collaboration to address partner-specific needs
  • Student recruitment and engagement, including on-site and virtual events
  • Liaison with national associations

Kluwer, Wolters. Promoting Higher Education to Nurses in an Era of Change. New York, N.Y. 2018. Digital.

2 http://lcn.lsbn.state.la.us/Portals/0/Documents/Louisiana_Updated_Forecast_Model_2014_Projections_10_2_2014.pdf

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