Advancing the Practice of Teaching

advancing the practice of teaching

How should faculty teach so that students learn?

That question is the driving force behind Chamberlain University’s Master Instruction distinction program – a three-part faculty development program built on best practices in higher education pedagogy.

“At Chamberlain University, we believe that student success begins with high-quality instruction,” said David W. Woodruff, PhD, APRN, CNE, FNAP, faculty development specialist at Chamberlain’s Center for Faculty Excellence.

Requirements for the Master Instruction distinction program are both academic and professional, and include professional development courses, peer observation, self-reflection and scholarly dissemination.

To date, over 400 faculty members have achieved Master Instructor level I distinction, which is awarded to faculty who have completed a series of courses, classroom observations and reflections on those observations. More than 20 faculty have achieved Master Instruction level II distinction, which requires the completion of additional courses, classroom observations and reflections.

“The goal of our Master Instruction program is to empower our faculty to foster deep learning among our students, so that they retain concepts and can apply them to real-life situations, long after an exam or the course is over,” said Dr. Woodruff.

Master Instruction Distinction

chamberlain master instructionThe distinction of a Master Instructor identifies and distinguishes faculty who strive for excellence in teaching, scholarship and faculty practice.  Distinction requirements are both academic and professional, and include:

  • Professional development courses 
  • Peer observation 
  • Self-reflection 
  • Scholarly dissemination 
  • National nursing academic standards

Master Instruction and Chamberlain Care® are the essences of excellence which:

  • Supports student success 
  • Advances “best in class” in teaching 
  • Promotes innovation nursing education 
  • Provides mentoring and leadership

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