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Chamberlain University is committed to fostering a culture of care – Chamberlain Care® – a culture in which care and service ultimately result in the development of extraordinary healthcare professionals. As such, we are focused on academic excellence that is driven by our academic leadership and our esteemed and accomplished faculty. We collaborate with our faculty to offer meaningful development opportunities towards achieving superior outcomes for all students. Many of our faculty continue to expand their educational footprint by conducting studies, holding positions on advisory boards, publishing books or writing journal articles.

“Well prepared, engaged faculty in combination with well supported, motivated students is the formula for graduating extraordinary healthcare professionals.”

– Carla D. Sanderson, PhD, RN Chamberlain University Provost

To better understand how our faculty contributes to healthcare scholarship and the continued transformation of nursing education, Chamberlain’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research conducts an annual survey collecting information from all faculty and academic administration colleagues related to professional service, scholarly activities, professional development and other key achievements.

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A Proud History
For over 125 years, Chamberlain University has been preparing extraordinary nursing graduates.