Chamberlain University Students Celebrate Transition to Clinical Care

Chamberlain clinical care students

In the past, student nurses who had reached a certain point in their education celebrated their achievements with a capping ceremony, a highly anticipated event in which they were formally presented with their nursing caps.

Just as nursing caps have given way to scrubs, the practice of recognizing the progress of student nurses has taken on a more contemporary – but equally meaningful – form at Chamberlain University.

Our Transition to Care ceremony, held at campuses across the country, serves as the official welcome into the clinical portion of the curriculum. The ceremony takes place between NR-224 Fundamentals-Skills and NR-226 Fundamentals-Patient Care.

“As nurses, one of the most important things we do is attend to the human spirit through person-centered care,” said Chamberlain University President Susan Groenwald, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN. “This ceremony encourages our students to work toward a goal of becoming not just a nurse but an extraordinary nurse equipped with the values, behaviors and knowledge base to make a difference in the lives of their patients and their families.”

“I think this ceremony conveys to them both the seriousness of caring for patients, as well as a time of excitement that they are progressing towards becoming a nurse,” said Addison campus President Jan Snow, PhD, MSN, RN.

Family and friends are invited to attend the Transition to Care ceremony as a public demonstration of support. Students hear from inspirational speakers, take a special Transition to Care pledge and receive a pin to wear on their lanyard to remind them of that pledge.

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