DAISY Award Winner Makes a Difference for Patient Who Didn’t Know He Had A Stroke

Sonia Munoz

Sonia Munoz, BSN, RN
(BSN ‘16)

Sonia won a DAISY Award for making a lasting impression on a patient and his wife in the neurology unit at AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The patient didn’t know what stroke symptoms looked like and delayed seeking treatment. At 56, he was shocked to learn he had suffered a stroke. He also shared that he was anxious and he and his wife had a flurry of questions for Sonia. They were awed by Sonia’s patience and expertise, and her comforting words, advice and education made the couple feel more at ease and confident that they would get through this difficult situation. Although Sonia was not ultimately assigned to the patient, she later took time to connect with him and his wife. She turned a very painful, unfamiliar and life-changing situation into one that was more understandable and acceptable. The patient felt she gave him a more hopeful outlook for his future.


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