Family Nights Create Foundation for Student Success

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When students commit to a career of caring with Chamberlain University, they demonstrate a resolve to make a change in their lives. And that change ripples into the lives of their parents, children, spouses and other important family members, impacting not just the student but their support system at large.

That’s why Chamberlain University offers Family Night for students on several of our campuses – to welcome the extended family members of our students into the Chamberlain community. Each of the events regularly draws more than 100 people, allowing students to show their families their academic “home” and share details about their program. Family Nights are a great way to bridge the gap between a student’s home and academic life, creating a foundation of support that is crucial for student achievement and success. Family Nights are just one of many campus offerings designed to foster a supportive, student-centered environment and students are encouraged to check with their campus to learn more about this event and other ways to get involved. 

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