Making Sun Protection Cool for School


Chamberlain MSN Student Impacts Healthcare Policy to Protect Children from Skin Cancer

When she was in her late 20s, Dallas-area nurse Lori Cathey, BSN, RN, fought a personal battle with malignant melanoma, a less common, but serious type of skin cancer. Today, with her cancer in remission, she’s on a mission to reduce sun-exposure risks among children in her community.

As part of the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) curriculum at Chamberlain, Lori Cathey enrolled in NR-506 Healthcare Policy, a course that asks students to investigate and propose changes to healthcare policy.

Targeting melanoma prevention, she drafted a proposal aimed at changing the dress code policy for local schools in the Frisco Independent School District to allow children to wear hats and sunglasses during outdoor activities.

Through Lori’s proposal, school principals will be empowered to improve the health and wellness of the children at their school by encouraging these students to protect themselves from sun exposure by either wearing accessories that decrease sun exposure or by using sunscreen. She hopes this will pave the way for more schools in the region and state to follow suit and update the policies in their districts to continue to reduce the risk of melanoma in their communities.

Lori is expected to graduate from the MSN program in December 2016 and encourages nurses who are passionate about making a difference in their own communities, to talk to their local government leaders and step up to be that leader who will help foster a positive transformation in healthcare policy.

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