The Journey to Becoming an Extraordinary Nurse


Supporting Our Students, Every Step of the Way

Some students have been dreaming about nursing since childhood. Others discover it’s their calling after years in another profession. No matter where their journeys begin, or where they hope they’ll take them, all aspiring nurses face the same hurdle – the National Council Licensure Exam or NCLEX-RN®.

Like the bar exam for lawyers or the CPA exam for certified public accountants, the NCLEX® is a gatekeeper. Students can earn a degree, but until they pass the exam, they can’t practice the profession they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

At Chamberlain College of Nursing, we understand the importance of preparing students to not only succeed in our program but also pass the NCLEX on the first attempt.

As students progress through the program, we provide customized support through our Chamberlain Care® Student Success Model. Academic assessments, live success sessions and our comprehensive nursing program review all help identify areas to focus on, so students can prepare for the NCLEX efficiently and effectively.

We lay the foundation for NCLEX success in our Centers for Academic Success (CAS), through initial assessments, study skills reviews and test-taking workshops. Group sessions and one-on-one tutoring help students tackle academic challenges.

In addition, our academics team continually monitors the test plans and latest updates from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to make sure our curriculum best addresses the nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to succeed on the exam.

Becoming a nurse is a journey. For those of you who’ve already reached your goal and passed the NCLEX – congratulations on a job well done. For those of you who are still striving towards that end – know that at Chamberlain, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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