Nurses: Use These 5 Tips for Success in Political Science

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You have started your journey at Chamberlain University and are looking forward to diving into your nursing courses. But in addition to the nursing curriculum, you have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge by taking a political science course as part of your general education requirements.

“Students only have to take one political science course at Chamberlain,” said Brian Fuss, PhD, Chamberlain University visiting professor and course lead for POLI-330. “But I will bet after realizing how important and interesting the subject matter is, they will want to take more.”

What’s the best way to take on political science? Here’s some advice from Dr. Fuss on succeeding in the course.

1. Take advantage of tutoring resources.

Chamberlain has partnered with Tutor.com to provide complimentary online tutoring. Tutors are available 24/7 for most subjects, including political science, so you can study on your schedule. To access Tutor.com, visit your course shell in Canvas. The link to Tutor.com is the “Tutoring” button on the left side of the course homepage. You will be connected to a tutor who can work with you in answering your questions and helping you understand the concepts.  

2. Seek assistance from your professors.

Chamberlain professors are here to help! They enjoy having the opportunity to support students on their journey and share knowledge. Lean in to your professors for extra help by asking questions or meeting them during office hours.

3. Check out the Chamberlain University Library.

The Chamberlain University Library has some great resources in the POLI330 folder. Content in this folder is categorized by week, websites, books and articles on political science.

4. Don’t forget about SparkNotes.

SparkNotes can be a great resource when you need extra help understanding a particular subject. If you use information from this website for an assignment or paper, remember to cite and reference the information correctly. Political science information can be found here on SparkNotes.  

5. Read the book and follow directions carefully.

The quizzes contain questions directly from the assigned chapters of the course book. The other assignments are an accumulation of the week’s concepts. Each assignment has its own directions, so be sure to read and understand them before beginning the task.

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