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More than ever, we are dedicated to those who have a calling to serve their communities.

With the evolving public health situation, we have moved our BSN degree program to an online learning platform in order to continue supporting our student’s educational goals. You can now start any of our 3-year campus programs online until it’s safe to transition back to campus. 

Earn Your BSN at Our Nursing School in Las Vegas, NV

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Center for Academic Success

At Chamberlain University, we know that the journey to becoming an extraordinary nurse can be challenging. Your campus Center for Academic Success (CAS) is here to help, from your first class to your last.

Find the resources and support you need at your Center for Academic Success (CAS):

  • Experienced tutors
  • Support – and space – for smarter studying
  • The practical and academic resources for your needs
  • Preparation for licensing examinations

We’re with you every step of the way. 

Center for Academic Success
The CAS provided lifelong learning tools and instilled an extraordinary confidence in me that I will carry into my nursing career for years to come.
Melissa Ortega

BSN Student, Chicago Campus

BSN. Those three little letters were worth it. #chamberlainuniversity #livingmydream


Campus Life

Fostering Learning and Student Growth

Las Vegas Campus Clubs and Organizations

Fostering Learning and Student Growth

I have never gone to a school where it actually felt like
family. I want success with my peers, the faculty want
success from you. Just to have that community of
constant support makes it home. This is my home and I
love it here.
Heather Zayas

3-Year BSN

Accreditation & Approvals

CCNE Accreditation

Accredited Nursing School – Nevada Approvals

Chamberlain is licensed to operate in the state of Nevada by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education, 8778 S. Maryland Pkwy., Ste. 115, Las Vegas 89123, 702.486.7330. NOTE: The state of Nevada requires students to meet its requirement for study of the Nevada and U.S. constitutions. The Political Science (POLI-332) course fulfills this requirement.

The Nevada State Board of Nursing (4220 S. Maryland Pkwy., Building B, Suite 300, Las Vegas, NV 89119, 702.486.5800) has fully approved Chamberlain College of Nursing to offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program in Las Vegas.

Nevada operates a student indemnification fund which may be used to indemnify any student or enrollee who has suffered damage as a result of the discontinuance of operation of a postsecondary educational institution licensed in Nevada or the violation by a Nevada institution of any provision of the Nevada Revised statutes (394.383 to 394.560) or the regulations adopted pursuant thereto. The existence of this account does not create a right in any person to receive money from the account.