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Post-licensure and Graduate Graduation
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Post-Licensure and Graduate Graduation Resources

Mark your calendar for the 2020 Post-Licensure and Graduate graduations.
February 28 – 29, 2020
July 24 – 25, 2020

Student FAQ's and Request Forms

Winter 2020 – DNP FAQs and Event Details
Winter 2020 – MPH FAQs and Event Details
Winter 2020 – MSN FAQs and Event Details
Winter 2020 – RN to BSN FAQs and Event Details
Winter 2020 – Accessibility and Accommodation Request Form

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    Post-Licensure and Graduate Graduation Eligibility

    The Post-Licensure and Graduate graduation ceremonies take place twice each year. Each commencement celebrates the accomplishments of students who completed their course work in the designated sessions.


    • July Session 
    • September Session 
    • November Session


    • January Session 
    • March Session 
    • May Session

    Attending a graduation ceremony that doesn’t coincide with your final completion date is available by special request. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to attend a ceremony that varies from your completion date.

    Post-Licensure and Graduate Graduation Attendance

    Chamberlain post-licensure and graduate students who have completed their BSN (RN to BSN option), MSN (RN-BSN to MSN), MPH and DNP degree programs are all invited to attend commencement activities.

    See Post-Licensure and Graduate Graduation Eligibility to determine which ceremony you are eligible to attend.

    Upcoming Post-Licensure and Graduate Graduation dates and locations will be posted in the announcements approximately five months prior to the next graduation date. You will also receive an email announcement if you’re scheduled to attend the next graduation.

    Graduation Fee

    Students must pay a required $125 graduation fee which covers the cost of participation. Paying this fee ensures that we can provide you with a graduation you will always remember. Payment will be accepted during the registration to attend graduation.

    Graduation Dress Code

    All graduation and commencement activities are business casual for you and your guests.

    • You must wear your cap and gown at the commencement ceremony. 
    • Make sure that the shoes you wear to graduation allow you to walk up and down stairs as well as across the stage. 

    Number of Guests

    Graduates may bring up to six guests to the ceremony.

    Children are welcome at all graduation and commencement activities.

    • Please keep in mind that the commencement activities is an opportunity for you to connect and network with your peers, faculty and advisors. Your biggest supporters will most likely enjoy the events along with you, though you may not want to bring young children. 
    • We encourage you to bring your children and support system with you to the graduation ceremony. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to celebrate all that you have achieved.

    Other FAQ’s about Post-Licensure and Graduate Graduation

    Why is there a separate graduation for post-licensure and graduate students?

    Chamberlain’s post-licensure and graduate students, faculty and leadership live in all regions of the United States. The post-licensure and graduate graduation and commencement activities are an opportunity for you and your peers, faculty and program leadership to meet in person and “put a face to the name” of those you have interacted with throughout your program.

    Why am I not being invited to attend the graduation on the campus near me?

    Post-licensure and graduate students are invited to attend the Chicagoland area commencement activities designed specifically to celebrate post-licensure and graduate Chamberlain experience and achievements. The campus graduations celebrate pre-licensure student’s experiences and achievements and do not have any representation from post-licensure and graduate faculty or students. 

    I have a specific question regarding the Post-Licensure and Graduate Graduation. Who should I contact?

    You may contact Student Services at [email protected].

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