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Healthcare, at it’s core, is about caring

At Chamberlain, we’re infusing care into education
Chamberlain Care Student Success Strategies

The Chamberlain Care Student Success Strategies is a collection of tools, resources and support to help you complete your degree program and succeed as a nurse or healthcare professional.

Responsive and Caring Nursing Faculty

Respond to you within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends

Virtual Meet & Greet Sessions

Connect you with your professors so you can ask questions and learn about their expectations for your course

Success Strategies Modules

Support you throughout your program and offer tips on topics such as stress management, time management and APA citations

Comprehensive New Student Orientation

Welcomes you to Chamberlain and highlights what you can expect in your program and how to navigate your classroom as a student

Career Services

Offers you and alumni a variety of services including resume, cover letter and career document development, job search techniques, interview skill building, networking tips, career related job leads, workshops and career events

Complimentary Access to ASPIRE

A special program that provides you and your family members direct and confidential access to counseling professionals to help address any personal, family or legal issues

Curriculum is designed by nurses for nurses, with your needs in mind, since nursing faculty understand the demands of your schedule and lifestyle.