RN to BSN Admission FAQ

What is a proficiency credit?

We value your experience at Chamberlain - you’ll earn a minimum of 77 credits (known as proficiency credits) for your education and clinical experience as a registered nurse towards your RN to BSN. 

Can I transfer in additional credits?

Yes - you’ll have your transcript assessed for transfer credits that can cut down on general education courses. The median RN BSN online student entering in the 2020/21 school year, started with 89 credit hours through proficiency and transfer credit. Learn more in our RN to BSN Transfer Guide.

How much time should I expect to devote to RN to BSN classes?

Within the RN to BSN online program, you should expect to spend 8-10 hours per course, per week. Everyone learns differently - some may be able to complete the work in less time, others may require more.

How often are RN to BSN classes offered?

Every course listed as part of the RN to BSN online option is offered each session, except for NR-435, ECON-312N, HIST-420N*. Sessions start every eight weeks. NR-435 is only offered in the March and September sessions. ECON-312N and HIST-420N are only offered in the March, July and November sessions.

*Books and fees not included.

*Transfer credits awarded based on transfer credit evaluation of official transcripts.  See transfer credit  page for more information.

*Scholarship and grant awards subject to funds availability and verification of eligibility.  In some cases not all eligible applicants will receive scholarships.

RN to BSN Tuition FAQs

What kind of financial aid is available?

Financial aid is available in the form of federal and private loans, scholarships, grants and work study, for those who qualify. Learn more about scholarship opportunities.

How can I better understand my total costs?

We encourage you to use the Net Price Calculator, which can provide an estimate of federal and institutional aid, or request information to connect with our admissions team for personalized advising.

Do hospitals pay for RN to BSN? Can my employer, community college or nursing association provide any tuition benefits?

Speak with your employer to see if tuition reimbursement may be available. You can also explore if you’re eligible for exclusive savings for our RN to BSN online program through one of hundreds of partnerships.

How much is Chamberlain’s online RN to BSN program?

View the total program cost and a breakdown of the tuition and expenses. The per-credit-hour tuition rate will remain frozen through 2023. Program revisions may impact total tuition for readmitted students.

On average, new student tuition is less than $14,000 for the RN to BSN program option.*

*Savings vary on transcript evaluation, grant eligibility, and group-specific tuition rates