Taking the First Steps to a Career in Nursing

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I am so pleased to have the opportunity to communicate with you via our new Chamberlain blog. As our inaugural class begins its second session, I find it so exciting to see the campus teeming with students. Both through classroom work and student events, I find our students becoming engaged in college life. In an accelerated program, our students are working diligently as they move through our classes. Study groups and review sessions are being held regularly, and the library and Center for Academic Success are busy on most days.

In every student I see the face of the nurse they will become. Choosing nursing as a career is the first step. The opportunities from that choice forward are unlimited.  Life is as we make it; nursing is the same.  The opportunity to share the joys and sorrows of mankind is unique to nursing.  Being there at the most vulnerable time of a person’s life makes you special.  Never a “job”, a career in nursing is just that—a lifelong opportunity to do what you love and to love what you do.

When I think over the years of my own nursing career and the lives I have touched, I always think of Robert Collier and his quote, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” That certainly reflects nursing and nursing education. Keep making the effort and before long you, too, will be the nurse touching the lives of those in need.

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