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Where can I find external scholarships?

Scholarships can be found from an array of sources: employers, private organizations, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, or even professional and social organizations. An external scholarship does not have to be related to the program you are studying. For example, as a nursing student, you could be eligible for more than just a nursing scholarship. Have a hobby or additional skill set? There may be a scholarship for it. Keep that in mind while doing your search.

For your convenience, we have listed some scholarships and scholarship search engines to help get you started: 

Spring Scholarships Available

69 scholarships worth $111,700


    Note: The above lists are provided to you as a reference tool and do not offer a complete overview of scholarships available. They should not be construed as an endorsement by Chamberlain University of any of the organizations listed.

    Empower Scholarship Fund

    The Empower Scholarship Fund offers various scholarships to Chamberlain University students twice each year during spring (Jan-Mar) and fall (Aug-Oct) application cycles. Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000 and have varied eligibility criteria.

    All students completing a minimum of 24 credit hours and maintaining a 2.5 GPA or above are eligible to apply for the Chamberlain University Scholarship. Visit to create an account and see current scholarship availability. Recipients will have scholarships applied toward tuition and fees in the next session they are enrolled.

    Learn more by visiting

    How do I prepare for my scholarship search?

    The process of searching and applying for scholarships can be extensive. Give yourself plenty of time to complete an application, essays and letters of recommendation. Here are some quick tips on the scholarship process:

    Prepare Documents

    • Read the directions of each scholarship carefully and revisit them when getting ready to submit.
    • Consider creating a second, more professional email address just for scholarships and job applications. 
    • Beware of scholarship scams. Avoid scholarships with these types of phrases:
      • “The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”
      • “The scholarship will cost some money.”
      • “I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.”
      • “We’ll do all the work.”

    For more information about potential scholarship scams, visit

    Contact References

    • Identify and reach out to those you’re looking to use for references and letters of recommendations, or to review your scholarship essays.

    Prepare Essay

    • Write a generic essay and then look to customize per scholarship.
    • Generally, essays should have an introduction, one to three paragraphs regarding the topic and a conclusion.
    • Find someone to proofread your application and essays before submitting. 

    Track Deadlines 

    • Start a journal or spreadsheet, listing all of the scholarships you are interested in applying to and breaking down each application process and deadline. Many scholarships require registering online, so having a journal will help you stay organized with passwords and sites.

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