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Chamberlain University prepares extraordinary healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, values and beliefs required to not only succeed but to make a difference in today’s complex healthcare environment. We’re 83,000 strong, with 31,000 students and 52,000 alumni armed with the skills, the passion and the determination to make a difference. At Chamberlain, we work hard to support your success in school and in achieving your career goals. It is that commitment and personalized attention, the "care," that distinguishes us. We call it Chamberlain Care.

Extraordinary Care

At Chamberlain, we believe if we take extraordinary care of our students, we will graduate extraordinary nurses and healthcare professionals who can have a significant and positive impact on healthcare around the world.

The Chamberlain Care Student Success Model

The Chamberlain Care Student Success Model is a customized program of tools, resources and support to help you complete your degree program and succeed as a nurse or healthcare professional.

  • Early assessments to give new students a clear picture of their strengths and areas for improvement, plus a customized support plan
  • Coaching teams for all new students
  • Customized workshops to support the academic needs of each cohort
  • Academic assessments and live review sessions midway through the nursing program and at the end of the curriculum
  • Personalized, comprehensive nursing review program in NR-452 Capstone to help prepare students for success on the NCLEX  

Extraordinary Care. Extraordinary Nurses.

We're With You Every Step of the Way

Early Assessments

Identifying potential barriers
to student success

Customized Support Plan

Addressing areas for improvement
before they affect students’ academic performance

Coaching Teams

Supporting new students as
they navigate the challenges of
nursing school

Customized Workshops

Sessions at the Center for Academic
Success (CAS) to support the
academic needs of each cohort

Academic Assessments
& Live Review Sessions

Evaluating and reinforcing students’
knowledge midway through the
nursing program and at the end

Comprehensive Nursing Review

Personalized 8-week program to
help prepare students for success
on the NCLEX-RN® exam

By infusing care into all facets of our educational experience, we serve our students in a way that helps them exemplify care within the healthcare setting as clinicians and educators, positioning them to achieve the ultimate goal: improving well-being, empowerment and education for enhanced self-care, and increased satisfaction for patients.

Dr. Susan Groenwald

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