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Academic Support

Learning Resources/Classrooms & Laboratories

The Chamberlain College of Nursing campuses house classrooms, conference rooms, and nursing skills labs and computer laboratories, and provide a variety of support services available to all on-site and online nursing students.


Books and required materials can be ordered online at On-site bookstores are available on some Chamberlain campuses. (Availability varies by location.)

Nursing Skills Laboratories

The nursing skills laboratory will replicate hospital and clinical settings and feature up-to-date training equipment. Laboratory classrooms will include basic skills laboratories, an intensive care unit equipped with the METI-man human simulator and patient monitoring equipment, a specialty unit with pediatric crib and newborn isolette and birthing simulator and a physical assessment room with exam tables. The laboratories contain the following equipment and supplies: examination tables; hospital beds; assessment equipment; privacy curtain areas; scrub sinks; running water; mobility aids; mannequins; IV practice arms; infusion equipment; monitoring equipment; oxygen equipment; suctioning equipment; patient care supplies; wall charts; linens; cupboards and other storage areas and disposable paper goods. Each lab space includes an area with table and chairs for students to gather with the teacher for instruction and discussion.

Academic Support

Chamberlain College of Nursing provides a variety of academic support services to both on-site and online nursing students. Support services may include tutoring, assessment, study sessions, writing assistance, test preparation, academic resources, and supplemental materials.


Chamberlain College of Nursing’s SIMCARE CENTERS are high-tech, simulated patient care clinical learning environments. Utilizing high-fidelity patient simulators, instructors challenge nursing students to react in real-time to a wide variety of patient scenarios. The simulators, capable of progressive symptoms and normal and abnormal physiological responses to medications and treatments,enhance the student’s on-site clinical experiences. The SIMCARE CENTER is supported by a web-based resource center, a student resource for developing complex skills such as medication calculation. Chamberlain is proud of this new technology, providing its students greater confidence while helping them reach their full nursing potential. Prior to providing direct patient care, Chamberlain nursing students have access to the SIMCARE CENTER, where they can hone their knowledge and skills and increase their confidence. In this simulated clinical patient care environment, students are challenged to react in real-time to a wide array of medical scenarios. These simulated experiences give Chamberlain students a significant advantage over students in other nursing programs by providing “real to life” scenarios. The simulated labs compliment the Chamberlain nursing student’s clinical experience. For more information, visit