Ask Student Nurse Roshani! Instagram Q & A Set for Jan. 16

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Roshani entered nursing school in August 2015 with the hope she could help others. As a result of her Instagram account, she is off to an early and unexpected start to that mission.

Roshani, who is a BSN student at Chamberlain’s Addison campus, joined Instagram to document her journey through nursing school for herself, but the account quickly became something more.

In just a few short months, she has amassed nearly 700 followers – providing encouragement, offering advice and answering questions from Chamberlain student nurses across the country. She also interacts with followers going through the application process at Chamberlain or just looking for a nursing school.

Roshani will be answering questions live on Chamberlain’s Instagram account on Saturday, Jan. 16, from 9 am – noon CT. Participants are also welcome to post their questions for Roshani in advance of the event.

In anticipation of the Q & A, we asked Roshani a few questions about her experience as a first-year BSN student at Chamberlain:

Why did you choose to go into nursing?

When I was little, my father had cancer. At one point, he was so sick that doctors couldn’t do anything for him so he was just at home. I would be his nurse. When I came home from school, I was his initial caretaker until my mom got home from work, and that experience really stuck with me.

10.11.15 had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside RNs, MDs, and EMTs yesterday at the Chicago Marathon!

What has been the best part of nursing school so far?

The instructors. At my previous university, we had lectures with over 500 students at a time. The professors wouldn’t really get to know you unless you took the time to go get to know them. They just knew you as a name in the grade book and roster. But here at Chamberlain, they actually know your name and background – the class sizes are wonderful.

What has been the most challenging part of nursing school?

Balancing everything out. I haven’t worked this semester – I’m starting in January hopefully. It’s been a challenge to balance school and life, and now it’s going to be an even bigger challenge to balance work as well. You have to set your priorities and balance everything out.