Why You Should Get Involved in Student Activities

“Being part of an organization is a student life thing,” said Addison campus Student Nurses Association (SNA) VP Lea Smith. “You have to get involved and network to meet new people and make new friends, and joining an organization helps put yourself out there.”

At Chamberlain, we understand that student success extends beyond the classroom and clinical environments. On our campuses, students are given opportunities to expand their education horizons through social, cause-related and field experiences, including student organizations and activities.

Why Students Get Involved

“Taking a leadership role while in the [3-Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing] program allows you to challenge yourself,” said Addison Student Government Association (SGA) secretary and Kappa Alpha Rho member Carlien Van Jaarsveld. “Getting involved on campus helps you gain different experiences. It’s all about personal growth, which I think is something a lot of people forget about while they’re in school.”

There are many reasons students decide to get involved in student organizations or participate in student activities, including personal growth and leadership opportunities. 

“I wanted to become a part of the school that gave me a second chance to become a nurse, and being involved is a good way to make connections, have fun and meet new people,” said SNA, Kappa Alpha Rho and Committee of Achievement, Learning and Mentoring (CALM) member and SGA volunteer director Jennifer Sanchez.

Similar to Sanchez, many students choose to get involved on campus as a way to become a part of the campus community rather than just attend class. Being involved in clubs and organizations allows students to not only focus on their personal and professional development, but also allows them to give back to the community while networking with their peers.

Create and Join a Network of Nurses

“Joining organizations on campus is a great way to be involved early in the nursing community and a great way to meet people,” said SNA and DeVry Military Resource Club member Tim Manalac.

By creating connections within the nursing community while in school, students are able to leverage their network once they graduate to help them find jobs.

“It’s important to establish a network because when you graduate, it makes finding a job easier – you can just ask your friends, ‘Do you know anyone who’s hiring,’” said SGA treasure, SNA, CALM and American Assembly of Men in Nursing member Gio Estocado. “When you do work in hospitals, these are the people we will be working with, so establishing a network and making friends now will make it easier for us in the workplace in the future too.”

Not only can students leverage their network once they graduate Chamberlain, but they can also use on campus involvement as a way to find support while progressing through their program.

“Being involved can help give you motivation to try harder in school, and it lets you be around people who really get you,” said Sanchez. “When you volunteer with other students going to the same school and the same classes as you, it helps you remember that you really can pass your classes because other people around you have before.”

How You Can Get Involved

Student life opportunities vary campus-by-campus. To learn more about student organizations offered at your campus, visit the campus pages on chamberlain.edu.

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