4 Ways to Have a Positive Impact on Global Health

impact on global health

Are you looking for ways to impact global health, but not sure where to start? Global health is a diverse issue that goes beyond healthcare professionals, providers and politicians. We are all responsible for the health and wellness of our communities, countries and nations. Keep reading to learn four ways you can influence global health.

1. Stay informed

While the challenges of global health are sophisticated, we can better understand the complexities by spending time exploring educational materials. Choosing a few topics you feel passionate about and how they impact the health of communities worldwide is a great place to start. Harvard University’s case collection on The Global Health Delivery Project can be a great starting point in your research. Tailored events can also provide an interactive platform to learn and grow your knowledge in a specific topic. Consider joining Chamberlain in celebrating National Public Health Week on April 1-7, 2019.

2. Discover service opportunities

Many universities offer service trips where students are able to interact and provide care within under-served countries. Research social issue organizations to advance your skills beyond the classroom and local community and gain clinical experience through a full spectrum of social and cause-related service trips. Participants experience the impact possible as they personally contribute to transforming healthcare delivery at a global level. The program offers up to six trips each year to countries like India, Kenya and Haiti.

3. Consider career opportunities

Careers within healthcare are not the only avenues that allow professionals to imprint change on global health. Organizations with a global health focus still seek professionals of varied backgrounds such as financial analysts, marketing specialists and policy informants. The Global Health Corps has a listing of fellowship and internship opportunities that you may be eligible for.

4. Make small adjustments

Often, global health is viewed as an initiative that requires major changes implemented by a large group. While expanding access to care and data collections require a community effort, small adaptations to your daily life can support the issues and raise awareness with your colleagues, peers, family and friends. Things such as promoting gun safety, the opioid crisis, receiving annual flu shots, biking and walking when possible and washing your hands can make a difference.

Interested in how you can continue to improve global health? Explore the exciting opportunities available through Chamberlain University’s Master of Public Health degree program. Request more information here.

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