DAISY Honoree Scholarship

DAISY Honoree Scholarship

A scholarship for Registered Nurses who have won The DAISY Award, The DAISY Team Award, The DAISY Nurse Leader Award, The DAISY in Training Award or The DAISY Faculty Award through The DAISY Foundation.

15% Savings on Tuition or 5% Savings on Tuition if applied in conjunction with an IEP tuition-reduction, alumni discount, military benefits or post-licensure graduate grant/scholarship for a total tuition savings up to 35% on Chamberlain’s post-licensure programs.

Availability: Scholarship availability will be evaluated each session

Verification Requirements:

  • Copy of The DAISY Award Certificate or
  • Verification from The DAISY Foundation


  • Recipient of The DAISY Award through their employer or school and The DAISY Foundation
  • Enrollment in a Chamberlain post-licensure program

Two weeks prior to session start.

Evaluated Each Session
5-15% tuition savings