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No matter where you are in your nursing or healthcare career, Chamberlain has degree programs and program options designed to help you achieve your goals. With multiple points of entry, our degree programs can take you from a bachelor’s degree nurse, to a master’s-prepared nurse, a Doctor of Nursing Practice or a Master of Public Health.


Online Degrees Offered

An advanced online degree from Chamberlain University is more than an investment in your life. It’s an investment in all the lives you’ll touch. With healthcare reform generating a need for broader population care and advanced medical practices, the opportunities for nurses and leaders with advanced degrees will be greater now than ever. Advanced-degree nurses can have the opportunity to shape the future of healthcare. 


I was able to continue to work full time and manage my
home life because the support was there from
Chamberlain. I did well in classes because the software
was easy to use, the professors were available and I was
able to learn at my own pace.
Kathleen Hill

RN to BSN Option

A New Way to Earn Your BSN

Earn your BSN degree in as little as 3 years with our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree Online Option 

Chamberlain’s BSN Online Option is a new hybrid model that combines our high-quality curriculum adapted for online delivery with hands-on skills mastery and clinical rotations at Advocate Aurora Health in Wisconsin.

*The BSN Online Option is currently available to AL, HI, IL, IA, MN, NM, OK, SD, WI and WV residents only.

Student Support

What you need to succeed

We know how important it is for you to have the support you need to succeed while earning your degree. That’s why we strive to provide you with the same extraordinary care and support you provide your patients.


Smarthinking is a complimentary online tutoring service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Features include: 

  • Reviewing previous tutoring sessions for reference
  • Scheduling a new session
  • Receiving assistance with many subjects, including:
    ―  Math
    ―  Statistics
    ―  Writing
    ―  Biology
    ―  Economics

Career Services

Any employment information received from the community will be made available to students and graduates at the career services section of your student portal.

Are You Ready to Study Online?

student nurse studying

What to Expect

  • 100% Online Coursework
  • Earn Your Degree While You Work
  • Flexible Learning Environment


Transfer Students

Chamberlain welcomes transfer students from accredited programs. If you are considering a transfer, take a look at Chamberlain requirements early in your college experience to begin making transfer plans. 

Request information to learn more about the transfer process.

Online Education FAQs

How do I go to class?

Going to class means logging into your course from a device connected to the internet such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. Your admissions representative can provide a course tour or you can view the Online Classroom Demonstration Video Series.

How often will I go to class?

Most classes require that you login two to three times per week. Check the course syllabus for information specific to your class.

What is experiential learning and how will I use this in my classes?

Experiential learning offers you the opportunity to connect experiences between your coursework and clinical work as a registered nurse. These experiences help you visualize how what you’ve learned could affect experiences that take place in the clinical work-setting.

I’ve never taken an online course before and I’m a little nervous. How do I prepare myself for online learning?

Chamberlain has several resources that can help you become acclimated to the online classroom. Once you apply you will have access to the Chamberlain Care Student Success Strategies, which provides information on time management, scholarly writing, using the library and more. You can also ask your admissions representative for a personal tour of the online environment in which you will be taking classes or you can view the Online Classroom Demonstration Video Series to learn about what you can expect when you log into your class.

What are the technical requirements?
  • Windows 7 is recommended. Mac OS X is supported, but some applications require Windows. Be prepared to run a Windows OS instance if you elect to use a Mac system.
  • A desktop or laptop computer is required to complete all coursework.
  • At least one of the following browsers to operate online classes. These can be downloaded at no cost to you.
    Internet Explorer
    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Chrome

Alumni Stories 

Chamberlain equipped me with confidence to reach my professional goals. I was given the tools and support I needed every step of the way.

Daniel Hudson


To me, an extraordinary nurse is somebody who cares for somebody like they’re their own. And that’s what I think Chamberlain puts out.

Callie Strickland

3-Year BSN

One of the biggest reasons I chose Chamberlain was the admissions process. The people I interacted with could talk nurse with nurses so they really made you feel at ease.

Jon Aagesen

RN to BSN Option, MSN