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Financing Your Education

Financial Aid & Scholarships

How Much Will I Pay?

Chamberlain University's Net Price Calculator will provide an estimate of federal and institutional aid. The calculator will ask a series of questions about your plans to attend Chamberlain and your family's income. To assist you in responding, please have the following items available:

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for the current award year
– OR –
Most Recent Student Income Tax Return
Most Recent Spouse Income Tax Return, if married
Most Recent Parents Income Tax Return, if considered a dependent student
Earnings statements (W2 forms, recent paycheck stubs)
Bank statements

If these items are not available, you can provide estimates. The calculator is intended for use by U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have not previously earned a bachelor's degree.

I have recommended Chamberlain to three people already, and will probably recommend it to many more.
Kelli Mowrer
RN to BSN Option

Learn About Financial Aid Options

Call an admissions representative at 877-751-5783 or request more information.

We're Here to Help

Our admissions representatives can help you find out what financial aid options are available to you. Request information or call 877-751-5783.


Establishing a spending plan and sticking to it, borrowing only what you need, and paying your credit card bills on time is a prescription for financial health. Think of it as preventative medicine for your wallet and your financial life. With the information provided at GradReady, you'll be prepared to build a strong financial future by learning about:

  • Creating a budget
  • Understanding your student loans and repayment options
  • Planning your financial future